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Although not as well-equipped as higher trims, work trucks offer value and capability. And that makes them ideal for folks who want a pickup but don’t want to pay over $50,000 for one. But what exactly makes a pickup truck a work truck? Whether it be a Ram 1500 or Ford F-150, work-spec trucks are typically at the bottom of the barrel, and they are at home at the job site or in a company fleet.

What are work trucks?

A work truck is essentially a version of a pickup truck that is the base model. You won’t find a brand’s top-of-the-line features in these vehicles, and that helps to contribute to their lower sticker price. It also means that these trucks aren’t as nice as the more expensive ones. 

Every truck manufacturer, from Nissan to Chevy, has a truck trim that could be classified as a work pickup. These trucks are typically sold to companies that keep a fleet of vehicles, but they are also purchased by folks who work at a job site. If you are looking for a budget-friendly truck, a work-spec pickup might be the right call as well. 

Work trucks can be the cheapest way to get a new pickup truck

Trucks have only gotten more expensive over the years. According to Autolist, the average transaction price of a truck is over $60,000. And that certainly is not cheap, especially for someone that is on a budget. 

A 2023 Nissan Titan SV could make a decent work truck.
2023 Nissan Titan SV | Nissan

Base trim trucks typically start around $30k, and even though that is a hefty price, it is easier to fit within a budget. 

What are the cons of a basic truck?

As you can imagine, these basic trucks do come with some cons. They are fairly barebones, especially when compared to the higher-end stuff. You probably won’t find things like heated seats, a large infotainment screen, or the best safety tech. 

If you are looking at used trucks, a work pickup will likely be more beat-up than other options. Most folks who buy a work truck intend to use it. That means towing, hauling, and being in rough situations in general. 

Who makes the best work pickup truck?

Really, the best truck is the one that fits your needs and budget. According to MotorTrend, the Ram 1500 might make for the best base model pickup. It offers good ride quality, utility, and is seen as reliable. But there are a range of other options out there. So, don’t count those out if they have more of what you are looking for. 

A 2023 Ford F-150 work truck has rubble loaded into its bed.
2023 Ford F-150 XL | Ford
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These trucks also come in all shapes and sizes. These range from mid-size models to heavy-duty trucks. You can also find a pickup truck that boasts things like four-wheel drive. Although, if you want a really cheap pickup, it will likely come with RWD.