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2024 is here. With it, many workers will return to work after a pandemic-shaped remote working landscape. That means choosing a reliable, dependable, and comfortable way of tackling the grind. So, what makes a car, truck, or SUV a great daily driver in 2024?

A daily driver must get you from point A to point B without drama

A 2024 Subaru Crosstrek sits at the Grand Canyon.
2024 Subaru Crosstrek | Subaru

Reliability and safety are some of the most important factors for choosing a capable daily driver. For instance, the Toyota Corolla and Subaru Crosstrek earn IIHS Top Safety Picks and high-reliability scores. Paired with enough cargo volume, useful tech, and fuel-sipping economy, both cars are solid commuters. 

Still, less mundane vehicles can tackle the task of daily driving. Many Americans commute in rear-wheel drive (RWD) sports and muscle cars. However, the safest way to make a daily driver out of your fun car is to equip it with seasonally appropriate tires. 

You could try to get by on all-season rubber year-round, but a set of winter tires is the best way to maximize traction in dangerous snow and ice. In fact, winter tires grip better in inclement cold weather than all-wheel drive (AWD) on all-seasons, per The Car Guide

Just because it’s your daily driver doesn’t mean it must be boring

Daily drivers must get you there, but that doesn’t mean they also must be mundane, soulless rides. Instead, a daily driver could be a fun, even fast way of tackling your routes. Of course, drivers have to choose a climate-appropriate vehicle with an appropriate amount of cargo volume.

For instance, a modern, fuel-injected coupe like a Subaru BRZ, Ford Mustang, or BMW M240i could supply your commute with fun and excitement. Between horsepower, driving dynamics, and pleasing looks, a whimsical ride can change your regular grind entirely. 

Given the opportunity and admittedly compliant Southern California weather, I commuted in a classic car for two years. Sure, it had its challenges, but the charm and appeal added whimsy to my trips to and from work. Beyond my classic Camaro, I rode a series of motorcycles as a daily driver. 

When questioned about my choices, I told friends and family that my time off didn’t start when I crossed the threshold of my home. No, my time started when I threw a leg over my motorcycle or hopped in my classic. You might take the long way home, too.