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It’s no secret that a used Nissan 350Z is a fantastic option when shopping for a used sports car. Whether you want to carve up canyons on the weekends or get into some serious motorsports like drifting or track days, the 350Z is a phenomenal choice. Out of the box, it has plenty of power and cornering capabilities. Furthermore, there’s a virtually endless supply of aftermarket parts to improve them.

As we established with our video coverage of using a C8 Corvette as a daily driver, not everyone can afford to have a weekend-only fun car. So, finding a proper balance of reliable, efficient, and fun is a difficult task. That being said, does a used Nissan 350Z hold up as a daily driver?

How reliable is the 350Z?

The front view of a Nissan 350Z driving down a road.
Nissan 350Z | via Getty Images

Obviously, step one in establishing whether or not you should drive a car every day is addressing its reliability. It’s no secret that many sports cars come with a bit of a stigma for needing constant repairs, which, of course, doesn’t bode well for a daily driver. That being said, Japanese sports cars are often the outlier to those stereotypes. Where does a used Nissan 350Z stand on that spectrum?

According to Driving Geeks, the 350Z has above-average reliability for sports cars. The 350Z is a bit of an old-school sports car for the semi-modern era. Simplicity is key here. A naturally aspirated V6 engine up front, standard rear-wheel drive layout with no electronic complications, and a no-fuss transmission. In fact, the CD transmission found in the 350Z is a favorite of tuners around the world for use in high-horsepower and high-performance builds.

So, the short answer is that the 350Z is indeed quite reliable. Of course, that’s assuming its previous owners have taken decent care of it. Of course, nothing is without its faults, and you’re bound to run into issues on older cars. 350Zs struggle with oil consumption, timing chain issues, and sensor failures above 100,000 miles.

How many MPG does a 370Z get?

A Nissan 350Z Sports car driving on a race track
Nissan 350Z | Nissan

Fuel economy is another prominent factor in choosing a daily driver. The 350Z comes with a fairly potent V6 engine ranging from 278 to 306 horsepower, depending on the model year. You don’t often expect incredible fuel efficiency with an engine optimized for performance. However, for its age and power output, a used Nissan 350Z gets surprisingly decent gas mileage.

The EPA fuel economy ratings for a 2005 Nissan 350Z are 17 MPG city and 23 MPG highway. Combined, you’ll see about 20 MPG. Surprisingly, that’s about on par with its twin-turbocharged younger brother, the 2024 Nissan Z.

How much cargo space does a 350Z have?

Honestly, not much! U.S. News reports that the 350Z only provides 4.1 cubic feet of cargo capacity. It is, however, enough for a set of golf clubs. It’s easy to tell because the trunk lid has a small diagram showing you how to fit a golf bag in there!

The interior build quality is also a bit lackluster, with cheap materials found throughout. However, with things like interior space and materials, you have to leave a little bit of wiggle room in your expectations for a sports car. After all, the 350Z is about the driving experience. If you want creature comforts, you’ll have to spring for a BMW or Audi!

Overall, a used Nissan 350Z is an awesome daily driver if you’re looking for a sports car to make your daily A to B a bit more exciting. If you’ve got a bunch of stuff to transport or a family to haul around, though, it’s not going to suit you well.


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