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Have you, like us, wanted to drive the new Audi e-tron Sportback? Well, the best way to get behind the wheel of one may be to pick up an Audi on Demand app. Audi on Demand is Audi’s rental service, and though an app you can rent any new Audi and drive it for up to a year. That means you (or us) can rent almost any new Audi (even a rare e-tron)and try it out for a few days or weeks.

How does Audi on Demand work?

KBB's Best Compact SUVs: 2023 Audi Q5 luxury SUV
2023 Audi Q5 Prestige | Audi AG

Audi dealerships in 20 states participate in the program. Through the app or online it works just like any other rental car service. A quick check of Audi on Demand cars available in Northern California shows that a Q5 five-passenger SUV rents for $122/day and a seven-passenger Q7 would run you $139/Day. On a price basis, it’s near what Enterprise would charge for a Nissan Rogue SUV which, let’s face it, is no Q5.

If you already have an Audi, you may have access to a free seven-day rental. Owners and lessees of 2021 and newer Audis get seven days of free rental through the service. The service was rebranded from Silvercar by Audi to Audi on Demand in November of last year according to Forbes.

Skip a lease, instead rent long term

e-Tron GT
2023 Audi RS e-Tron GT | Audi

Sometimes we may need an extra car for longer than a few days, and in that case through Audi on Demand you can rent an Audi for up to a year.

There are other premium car rental services

2015 G-Wagon 6x6
Rent this insane SUV on Turo

Audi on Demand isn’t the only premium car rental service. Turo and Sixt offer premium car rental services. With Turo you can rent an Audi Q5, too, but the difference is that it belongs to a regular person who rents out their own car. Yes, anyone can rent their personal car out on Turo. In most larger cities you can find a Turo, and often owners rent out truly unique and different cars. A quick search in my hometown of Albuquerque found a Porsche 911, several Corvettes and dozens of Jeep Wranglers ready to hit the dirt trails around town.

Sixt offers a different model for long-term premium car rentals

Sixt offers a slightly different model to renting a premium car or SUV. You can simply rent a premium car or SUV, like a BMW X3 or even a Chevy Suburban. But, you can sign up for a subscription that lets you drive a BMW 5 Series sedan whenever you need one for $899 a month. Sure, you can also sign up for a Nissan Sentra for $649 a month, too. Though that’s more expensive than buying or leasing a car, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, parking, or all of the other hassles of owning a car.


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