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One of the hottest trucks to buy, or try to buy, right now is a Rivian R1T. Rivian trucks are hot. They’re on backorder. They are selling for more than double their MSRP on auction sites. So if you want drive one, it’s going to mean a trip to San Francisco to try and rent this one at

Rent this Rivian R1T Electric Truck for $477/day

You can rent this Rivian R1T Electric Truck on Turo in San Francisco.
A Rivian R1T electric truck for rent | Turo

This Rivian R1T is the first available on to rent. But, this isn’t your $49.99 fleet rental. For $447/day you can rent the Rivian R1T and find out for yourself if the trucks are worth the more than $130,000 people are buying them for on auction sites. But, of course, it’s a hot truck that earned Truck of the Year honors.

Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental company where you can rent someone your car, or rent someone else’s. It’s like AirBnB, but for cars.

This truck is the Launch Edition has the quad motor package, which means it’s all-wheel-drive, and can do the very interesting Tank Turn in dirt. It’s the most extreme version of the Rivian R1T electric truck.

What are the trim levels of the Rivian R1T?

You can rent this Rivian R1T at for $477/day
A Rivian R1T for rent at Turo | Turo

The Adventure and Explore versions are both all-wheel-drive trucks, but they are dual motor trucks. The four motors in the Launch Edition make it quicker, but the Adventure and Explore aren’t considered slow. While the quad motor trucks have up to 835 horsepower, the dual-motor trucks have 600, which still makes them more powerful than almost any gasoline-powered truck you can buy.

The Adventure is still has most of the options that the Launch has, including the wood dash, heated seats and steering wheel, and an air compressor built in. The Explore has most of the goods, too, except it doesn’t come with the Rivian floor mats and only has a matte black interior.

The big difference between the Launch Edition and the other R1ts is the battery pack. The Launch Edition has a large battery pack, while the Adventure and Explore both come with the standard battery packs. The company is planning, but has not released, an SUV version called the R1S.

How much does a Rivian R1T electric truck cost?

Sorry, you can’t even buy a new Launch Edition anymore. While the Launch Edition MSRP is $85,000, the company says its reservations are full. The Adventure starts at $73,000, and the Explore starts at $67,500. But, to pre-order an R1T, a reservation will cost $1,000.

Rivian is building and delivering trucks, but customers have been waiting months for their trucks to be delivered.

If you’re willing to wait, however, buying one from Rivian may be a deal. On auction sites like Cars & Bids a Rivian Launch Edition with 103 miles on it recently sold for $138,000. On Ebay, they’re selling for nearly $200,000.

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