What Features Come Standard on the Mercedes G-Wagen?

The new G-Class is offering the perfect blend of capability and top-notch comfort, in a uniquely packaged performance vehicle that only Mercedes can create. It may be overwhelming to decide what features or packages will make the most sense for your lifestyle use. Sometimes, too many options can make it harder to choose. So, we thought we’d offer the roster of standard features and equipment to help you benchmark your add-on preferences.

A history of high standards

Every vehicle presents a series of standard equipment, to serve as a benchmark and platform for various trim levels and customizable options. To really understand what standard means to the G-Wagen, it might help to understand first where it came from. Gelandenwagen, which is German for “off-roader” started off as a special request of the Shah of Iran in 1975. Legend says, this Shah who also invested in Daimler, wanted a luxury upgrade to the traditional military Jeep. Mercedes took all-terrain and made it the porterhouse of luxury capability.

Standard driver assistance

There are a few driver assistance extras that are considered G-Wagen standard features. You’ll enjoy rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, and forward collision warnings. You will appreciate the parallel and perpendicular park assist, as well. Your G-Wagen also provides driver drowsiness monitoring as a safety mechanism to prevent groggy-behind-the-wheel driving.

G-Wagen standard safety

In addition to the countless driver assistance features, there are plenty of airbags and collision safety considerations as well. The Mercedes Benz G-Class protects passengers throughout the vehicle with head, neck, and lower torso protective airbags. There are additional side-impact airbags for those uniquely positioned rear occupants.

Standard Mercedes G-Wagen comforts

Mercedes wouldn’t dare produce a vehicle without a healthy menu of creature comforts. Designed to keep you in tune, focused, and completely comfortable, the G-Wagen offers all the standard features you’ll love. The heated front and rear seats with leather upholstery are just a starting point. The G-Class also includes a sunroof, three-zone climate control, and acoustic glass. The 19-inch wheels are a welcomed standard extra, too.

G-Wagen standard technology

You’ll enjoy the COMAND infotainment system, and a 12.3-inch display. You’ll enjoy all things, navigation, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Your ears will be delighted by the 15-speaker Burmester audio system. You will be completely hands-free regardless of your device preference with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Standard powertrain and capabilities

2019 Mercedes-AMG G63
2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 | Mercedes

The G-Wagen can tackle serious terrain with ease. It comes complete with a set of locking front, set, and rear differentials that are controllable by the driver. The power under the hood matters, and the standard powertrain configuration is impressive. The G550 boasts a twin-turbo V8, harnessing 416 horses and 450 lb-ft of torque for serious power. All-wheel-drive comes standard, as does the nine-speed automatic transmission. Standard take-off is roughly 5.5-seconds, according to Mercedes’ zero-to-sixty claims.

Standard G-Wagen price tags

All that exquisitely hand-crafted leather, natural wood appointments, and military capable engineering performance does come with a price tag. Mercedes enthusiasts might not bat an eye at the 2020 G-Class MSRP. You can get yours for around $127,650 with a little extra for the destination charge. Just knowing what all comes standard, though, you might consider the G-Wagen to be worth every penny.

If the G-Wagen standard features don’t get you excited, some of the available and optional extras probably will. If neither the 14 mpg fuel economy nor the six-figure MSRP bother you, the G-Wagen is certainly the best of both luxury and capability, all rolled into one fantastic SUV. You may not be as important as the Shah of Iran. But, you will sure feel like you are behind the wheel of this exquisite machine.