What Car and Driver Loved About the GMC Canyon

Car and Driver recently reviewed the 2020 GMC Canyon. Like anything in life, Car and Driver had some good things to say and some bad things to say about it. Here are the reasons why Car and Driver liked the Canyon.

A powerful engine

Although a very fuel efficient diesel engine is available for the Canyon, Car and Driver actually loved the V6 engine option more. The 3.6-liter V6 gas-powered engine is an optional upgrade from the standard 2.5-liter gas-powered engine on the Canyon. 

The Canyon’s V6 generates about 308 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Although that’s less torque than what the diesel engine option offers, it’s far more horsepower than what the other two engine options are capable of. As a result, this powerful V6 allows the Canyon to be relatively fast for a truck, which is always a fun thing to have. 

While the V6 is fast, it’s not that impractical, either. It’ll tow less than what the diesel engine can tow, but it can still tow a respectable 7,000 lb. For reference, the diesel can tow about 7,700 lb. In terms of payload, it’s all pretty much the same across the board at about 1,600 lb of payload capacity. 

Fuel-economy-wise, the V6 is worse than the diesel, but not by much. Car and Driver said that the V6 gets an EPA rated 19 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway. In Car and Driver’s test of the truck, the V6 is only about 2 MPG worse than the diesel is on both the highway and in the city. Because the diesel engine will cost more, Car and Driver considered the V6 as the best option overall. 

Many options

But with that said, Car and Driver also praised the great many options that the Canyon has available. The diesel engine is still a good choice, but that’s not the only other option that are available. There are also truck bed options and cab options. On top of that, there are many trim and packaging options. 

This large variety of options means that drivers will get the chance to pick and choose what they want for their Canyon. Options are always good, so customers will be able to find a configuration of the Canyon that’s suitable to their liking. 

Great style and comfort

The Canyon is a mid-sized truck, so while it lacks interior space, it makes up for by being stylish and decked out with features, according to Car and Driver. Car and Driver, in particular, loved the infotainment suite that the Canyon came with. The Canyon’s infotainment system was described as being intuitive and easy to use, too. 

There are many amenities and luxuries available on the Canyon, depending on the trim and packaging options that are chosen for it. The build that Car and Driver drove had an 8-inch touchscreen, automatic climate control, and heated seats. While the seats were comfortable themselves, the Canyon was also comfortable in terms of its ride quality. 

Car and Driver was impressed by its ride quality, saying that it struck a balance between being “soft and firm.” On bumpy roads, it also performed well in terms of ride comfort. And if drivers want the Canyon to feel good on all terrains, then an aptly named All Terrain trim is also available for customers. 

Overall, the style of the Canyon was described by Car and Driver as “stately.” It commands a presence with its style, and that’s a cool thing to have with a truck. But with that said, style is very subjective, and what looks cool to someone may not look cool to someone else.