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Ford knows what truck buyers want, so the F-150 and the rest of the F-Series lineup have been such big sellers. So, what breaks on the Ford F-Series trucks? These are common maintenance items for any vehicle, but Ford pickup trucks might require a bit more upkeep than the average sedan.

What breaks on the Ford F-Series trucks? Don’t overlook the suspension

Ford’s F-Series trucks include the regular F-150, the larger Super Duty F-250 through F-450, and up to the F-750 trucks. The most popular is the Ford F-150 and all the versions that fall under that name. GoodCarBadCar looked at what breaks on the Ford F-Series and what drivers should be aware of to keep this pickup truck running at its best.

Some of the biggest items to keep an eye on are the wheel bearings, spark plugs, shock absorbers, and fuel pumps. While these should last 100,000 miles or more pretty easily, it is a good idea to check on each component to ensure that is the case. That way, if something is wearing prematurely or has an issue, you can get it fixed before it snowballs into a more significant issue.

One thing that breaks on the Ford F-Series trucks the most is the brake pads and rotors. This is more of a wearing out than breaking, but these should be replaced between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. Drivers who spend a lot of time stopping and driving in city traffic will wear down the brake pads and rotors faster than someone who travels on the interstate mostly.

What breaks on the Ford F-Series depends on how hard it works

Additionally, the F-Series wheel bearings might need a little extra attention. These help the truck accelerate, steer, and brake, which is a fairly regular occurrence. Since these are subject to a lot of friction, replacing them around 100,000 miles is recommended. While you can buy the OEM ones from Ford, there are plenty of options from aftermarket brands. Those with any mechanical wherewithal might be able to replace these at home. You’ll need a few tools, but it can be done.

Beyond that, check on your spark plugs occasionally. These are vital for starting your F-Series truck (or any vehicle), so replacement around 100,000 miles is always a good idea.

The battery is another essential item to care for since you can’t start any vehicle without your battery. As far as what breaks on the Ford F-Series, keeping the battery terminals clean can help avoid a total breakdown. If your truck sits for any amount of time, a trickle charger can help keep the battery in good shape. Generally, the F-150, F-250, and F-350 batteries should last three to five years without much issue.

Don’t overlook the tires and shock absorbers

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The suspension on any vehicle is important to ride comfort, but trucks need a little more help. If you regularly take your Ford F-Series off-road in any capacity, the struts and shocks could wear down faster than the average vehicle. Replacing the shock absorbers after 50,000 miles will offer a more comfortable ride, but doing it before 100,000 miles is recommended. You might be able to tell when this needs to be done, simply by feeling.

Last but not least, don’t let your tires wear too much. For the rest of the parts to work in harmony, fresh tires are always a good idea. Those who go off-road might want to do this by 50,000 miles or more. Keep an eye on the treadwear on all four tires, especially if your truck sits for any amount of time.

Ford pickup trucks remain popular for a reason, but keeping up with these maintenance items will keep your truck running at its best for many years to come.