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In a recent press release, Kia proclaimed that July was its best month yet for auto sales. That was because five models are selling at higher numbers than ever, and half of its lineup has showcased significant year-to-date growth. However, there are still a few Kia models that aren’t doing so well. Which ones do buyers tend to avoid?

The Kia EV6 isn’t flying off the shelves just yet

While Kia was very proud of the EV6’s July sales, this SUV’s overall popularity has slightly decreased compared to last year. The EV6 posted 14,284 total annual sales by the end of July 2022. This year, it finished out that month with 10,265 vehicles sold.

The Kia EV6’s sales are still relatively high, so it could bounce back before the year ends. On paper, the EV6 has a lot of positive qualities that would reel in EV shoppers. It has a maximum electric range of 310 miles with rear-wheel-drive or 282 miles with all-wheel drive. The dual motor setup generates a hearty 320 hp and the single-motor configuration has a combined 225 hp on tap. 

The EV6 Light starts at $42,600 and features synthetic leather seats, along with excellent legroom measurements for both rows. However, the EV6 might turn some buyers away due to its insufficient storage accommodations. Its maximum cargo hold is only 50 cu-ft, about half of which is available behind the rear seats. 

At least passengers will get to enjoy dual-zone automatic climate control and five USB ports, plus a charging pad up front. The 12.3-in panoramic dual-touchscreen features smartphone integration and navigation, plus a one-year trial of Kia Connect services. Standard safety features include smart cruise control with highway driving assist, automatic emergency braking with junction turning detection, and safe exit assist.

The EV6 GT debuted for the 2023 model year, though its high price may result in fewer sales. This model’s dual-motor setup is tuned to make 576 hp and it has a promised 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds.  A new one costs $61,600.

The Kia Stinger hasn’t resonated with shoppers

The Kia Stinger’s sales have been steadily decreasing for a while. A mere 464 units were sold in July 2023 and just over 5,000 examples have been sold this year. Kia recently announced that it was discontinuing the Stinger after the 2023 model year, which could explain the lack of enthusiasm from buyers. 

Despite being a small sedan, the Kia Stinger suffers from poor gas mileage that wouldn’t make it useful as a commuter car. To be fair, neither of the Stinger’s powertrain options is boring. It has a base 300-hp turbo-four and an optional 368-hp twin-turbo V6 to offer. The former powertrain choice gets a mere 25 mpg combined city/highway. 

With AWD, the Kia Stinger GT2 is a mere 1.2 seconds slower than the EV6. Despite being such an athletic car, it also has a spacious cabin and a roomy trunk area. Unfortunately, those strengths apparently weren’t good enough for Kia’s audience. 

The Kia K5 also doesn’t seem to be a hit

Judging from Kia sales data, it seems like the automaker’s sportier models can’t catch a break. The K5’s YTD sales are down from 41,000 to around 37,000. It’s a little worrisome when you remember that the K5 is relatively new, first introduced in 2021. The Kia Stinger was only around for five model years before low sales killed it. 

Every K5 has one of two turbocharged engines and the GT trim model has a sport-tuned suspension for better handling. Its sharper exterior is also arguably more appealing than that of the Optima. The K5 actually has more passenger area than the Stinger, but it’s a little skimpy in terms of trunk storage. If you’d like to give the K5 some support before the year ends, the base trim only costs $25,390.


The Least Popular Kia Is Also One of the Least Reliable