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Technically speaking, Stellantis is relatively new, created in 2021 after many major automakers merged. So Stellantis owns numerous car brands, each with a unique history that includes a few weird cars most people forget — or try to forget. Here’s arguably the weirdest car a Stellantis brand has ever made.

These 2 weird cars are runners-up

Stellantis brands have created a lot of weird cars in the past few decades, so it’s tough to say which one is the weirdest because weirdness is pretty subjective. But this vehicle is weird not just for its looks. It’s weird because anyone green-lit the idea. Dodge produced the La Femme between just 1955 and 1956. And as the name implies, the company created the car for women.

“La Femme” means “the woman” or “woman” in French. This weird car had pink paint, pink upholstery, and even a matching pink purse, Gear Patrol reports. The La Femme wasn’t ridiculous-looking, but it was certainly a bizarre idea.

However, another Stellantis model fits the mold of weird-looking. The Chrysler produced the PT Cruiser from 2001 to 2010. It had a unique exterior reminiscent of 1930s cars. 

The Dodge Rampage is the weirdest of weird cars from a Stellantis brand

The Dodge Rampage was weird in almost every sense of the word. Off the bat, it looks odd to the average American eye, especially today. The reason it looks peculiar is because its intended purpose is quite strange. On top of that, this weird car even had a name that didn’t match its looks. “Rampage” makes this little ute truck sound more aggressive and violent than it was.

The Rampage was classified as a coupe utility, a segment that existed in America in the early years of the car but died off a while ago. Essentially, the Rampage looked like a sporty sedan with a pickup truck bed in the back. It wasn’t exceptionally powered, though, packing a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine making 96 hp. That didn’t provide much towing capacity to the truck. Plus, it had front-wheel drive only, making it less ideal for off-roading.

Those performance quirks highlight another weirdness with the Rampage. Drivers who wanted a coupe could get a real coupe, and far better trucks existed, too. Dodge produced the Rampage from only 1982 to 1984, showing how poorly it sold. It also proved the coupe utility segment was dead in America.

Perhaps the Dodge Rampage came 40 years too early

2006 Dodge Rampage: Weird cars from Stellantis
2006 Dodge Rampage concept | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Though the Dodge Rampage looks strange to Americans today, the coupe utility segment found success elsewhere, especially in Australia. That continued success helped keep the segment alive, and it has also pushed automakers to develop new cars in the segment. Indeed, Stellantis has done that with the Rampage, as there’s a brand-new version about to hit the market.

The 2024 Ram Rampage on a dirt road
2024 Ram Rampage | Ram

Rather than being called the Dodge Rampage, the new version, which began production in June 2023, is the Ram Rampage. It’s sold only in Brazil, and it’s technically a compact truck rather than a coupe utility. Regardless, the popularity of pickups today shows that maybe the Dodge Rampage wasn’t a weird idea after all. It just might’ve been born 40 years too soon.


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