We Went Mudding in the 2021 Lexus GX 460 And Only Got Stuck Once

The 2021 Lexus GX 460 is quite a beast. Built on the same platform as the global Toyota Land Cruiser Prado model, it certainly has rugged roots. But how capable is the GX 460? Well, we went mudding in the 2021 Lexus GX 460 and only got stuck once.

a 2020 lexus GX 460 off-road
Lexus GX 460 | Lexus

Is the Lexus GX good for off-road?

One of the things this luxury SUV is known for is its off-road capability. It’s a reliable trail companion with luxury appointments. While I had our 2021 Lexus GX 460 tester, we were lucky enough to get some rain. We really got a chance to push the limits of the Lexus GX and see what it’s actually capable of.

Off-roading is little challenge for this luxury SUV. It handles off-pavement adventure easily at both high and low speeds. Out tester was equipped with the off-road package. This enhanced our ability to maneuver up and down rocky hills and through deep mud on the trail.

What comes in a 2021 Lexus GX 460 off-road package?

The off-road package for the latest Lexus GX model adds some features that increase its capability off the pavement. The model we drove for a week was the 2021 Lexus GX 460 Luxury. The manufacturer suggested retail price on the Monroney sticker gives a starting price of $64,365.

a 2021 lexus gx 460 driving in the mountains
2021 Lexus GX 460 | Lexus

However, packages and upgrades increase the price tag to $71,255. The Mark Levinson surround-sound system and a sport design package are listed. In addition, we noticed this model boasted an off-road package. But what’s in the 2021 Lexus GX 460 off-road package?

The Monroney lists multi-terrain and panoramic view monitors as part of this enhancement. Plus, the off-road package adds a transmission cooler and fuel tank protector. The 2021 Lexus GX 460 off-road package also gives you crawl control and multi-terrain select.

This luxury SUV is an off-road prowler

For those that love “mudding” or driving off-road after a good rain, you know that part of driving your vehicle off the pavement is testing its limits. It’s like practice for when you are out on an overland trip or for when you take your truck or SUV on a designated off-road trail. If you never push far enough to get stuck once or twice, you’ll never actually know the limits of your vehicle.

A white 2021 Lexus GX full-size SUV drives off-road through the snow
A 2021 Lexus GX in action | Photo via Lexus

When we saw that the 2021 Lexus GX 460 tester had an off-road package, we obviously knew we’d be taking it to the off-road trails. We pushed the Lexus GX hard. No doubt it’s a luxury SUV that capable of more than most. In fact, we only got stuck once. Our rear passenger wheel got stuck in a deep, muddy rut. But in the end, I felt that had I just sent it with more confidence we would have been more successful on the line.

You can’t forget to send it

Although it’s important to use caution when off-roading––especially in the mud––it’s also key to not drive timid. Sometimes confident driving is the difference between getting stuck and navigating a successful line. So yes, we went mudding in the 2021 Lexus GX 460 and we only got stuck once. However, the incident was totally avoidable. I found this out when I took the line again with more gas and the GX 460 champed right through it.

2020 Lexus 460 GX interior
Lexus GX 460 Interior | Lexus

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Overall, I’d definitely recommend this model to someone with a luxury budget who wants a real SUV that can actually do things besides take the family out to dinner. I would encourage anyone buying a GX 460 for off-road intentions to switch the tires to something more designated with increased grip. Other than that, the red leather seats were easy to clean, the controls are simple to master, and the 2021 Lexus GX 460 is a good luxury SUV with the ability to go deeper than most others on the market.