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Riding motorcycles is dangerous, period. We here at Motorbiscuit love riding bikes, but we have no illusions about how dangerous they are. We can assume that the rider in the video also has zero illusions about bike safety after this wild bike crash. Watch this motorcycle helmet save a biker’s life after a bus runs over his head. 

Motorcycle rider with his under a bus tire
motorcycle crash | PenhaNewsRJ

What is the best motorcycle helmet?

At the risk of being silly, I’d say the best motorcycle helmet is the one this guy is wearing. The crash in question happened in Brazil when a biker went down and slid under a bus. The biker’s head went for one of the busses rear wheels. Before the bus driver could stop, it rolled on top of the man’s head. Thanks to the quick action taken by the bus driver, the bus quickly stopped and reversed to avoid running the man over entirely. 

According to Carscoops, the near-death experience was caught on tape and uploaded to Reddit by user mclemente26. 

How did this happen? 

The motorcycle rider tried to avoid the turning bus when his hard braking wasn’t enough, and he lost the bike under the bus. While viewers expected a very gruesome outcome, miraculously, the motorcycle helmet withstood the bus’s tremendous weight. 

In a state that could only be described as shock, the man began moving his hands and head, realizing that he was somehow still alive. In a strange moment of synchronicity, another biker rode by as it happened without a helmet. I doubt that rider goes helmetless again after seeing that. 

Don’t ride bikes without proper gear

Motorcycles are the coolest. While the feeling of freedom is a major draw for bikers, the protective riding gear is just something you must wear. Helmets are obviously one of the most important pieces of riding gear. Granted, in light of this story, it can seem like the only important piece of gear sometimes. However, riding jackets, pants, gloves, and boots are all equally important. 

Protecting your head is key. As such, investing in a quality helmet is a must. Brands like Arai, Bell, and Shoei are some of the game’s most well-known and respected brain bucket makers. There are also plenty of newer companies making more contemporary helmets that are still up to snuff on keeping your dome intact. 

That being said, the skin is the largest organ in the human body and should be well cared for. Getting a kevlar padded and slide-resistant jacket, pants, and gloves are something that the bikers of old might scoff at, but you will be glad you have when you slide out at 40 mph. Having the right gear can turn a fatal or life-altering crash into nothing more than a week of soreness. 

It is a step that every motorcycle rider should take. Thankfully, with more companies like Red Cloud’s Collective, Alpine Stars, and Revvit around, you can be well protected and still look cool. Style and safety and finally beginning to mix. So, now there’s really no excuse.


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