Watch: Looters Crash New Honda Through Oakland Dealer Windows

Protesting, rioting, and looting continue throughout the US over video showing the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Looting became so widespread from coast to coast that rioters are now breaking into car dealerships and stealing vehicles. On the west coast, a number of new car showrooms were vandalized, set on fire, or saw new cars stolen. In one particular case, cellphone cameras caught brazen looters drive a new Honda crossover through the dealer front windows into the street.

It happened at the Honda of Oakland dealership. (Warning: Graphic language!) Footage catches shots of looters inside of the showroom. One of the cars inside starts to move forward raising cheers from the crowd outside. Then the unthinkable; the car comes crashing through the plate glass showroom windows, over the sidewalk, and onto the street. 

Rioters react by yelling and cheering as the Honda speeds down the street away from the dealership. More looting and vandalism takes place at the dealer. Another car in the showroom was partially set on fire. What computers were not stolen had been tossed ‘through plate glass windows around the sales offices.

Looters broke out all of the windows of cars inside of the dealer

Looking into the Oakland Honda delership as a car is being stolen during Floyd riots
Honda being stolen in Oakland riots George Floyd | YouTube

All of the cars inside of the showroom had their windows broken out. Desks were flipped over and chairs were strewn about. In spite of the damage, Honda of Oakland sold eight vehicles on Saturday according to Automotive News. This Honda store is just down the street from another dealership being looted. 

Mercedes-Benz of Oakland saw its showroom vandalized. Broken windows, graffiti, and damaged, vandalized vehicles were just part of the damage. There was also severe smoke damage seen inside from the numerous fires in the area throughout the week and weekend.

Northern California was not the only location looting and vandalism took place. Further south at Toyota of Santa Monica the rear windows of numerous cars were broken out. Other Toyota stores receiving similar damage were in Reno, Nevada; two others in the LA area, and one in Chicago. 

Looters stole two Dodge Challenger Hellcats along with a Charger and Jeep Grand Cherokee

Sunday night marked the sixth consecutive night of protest, rioting, and looting in major cities throughout the US. At San Leandro Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram on Sunday night two of its Dodge Challenger Hellcats were stolen along with a Charger and Jeep Grand Cherokee. In downtown Los Angeles the Los Angeles Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram dealership saw damage including to its iconic tower.

Aftermath of dodges vandalized inside of dealership with grafitti written in red spray paint
San Leandro riots George Floyd | YouTube

How 97 Cars Were Stolen During Quarantine In The Blink Of An Eye

Many dealerships up and down the west coast shut down stores throughout the weekend in anticipation of civil unrest. Some also moved cars out of showrooms and into protected lots. It had been hoped that local curfews would help to minimize exposure to rioting crowds.

Sometimes just a couple of blocks away looters ransacked businesses

While some police in different areas of the country monitored protests sometimes just a couple of blocks away rioters looted businesses. The police combined with the National Guard in many cities were spread too thin to handle the protests and mayhem. 

The main officer involved in the death of George Floyd was arrested for third-degree murder on Friday, but the other police-involved have not been charged. That is thought to be part of the reason the rioting and protesting have not slowed down.