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This didn’t go well. There were some presumptions here that were calculated wrong. Devastatingly wrong, in fact. Traveling through Los Angeles, you’re normally lulled almost to sleep from the stop-and-go traffic. This looks like the I-5 freeway was at full speed. And this BMW 5-Series owner just does this unfortunate maneuver. 

BMW 5-Series sedan lane split disaster
BMW 5-Series sedan lane split disaster | YouTube

Lane splitting is common and legal for motorcycles. It is not for cars, and it actually isn’t possible. This unfortunate crash first loaded onto YouTube shows dashcam footage of a Toyota Camry passing a black BMW 5-Series. A few seconds later you can see the BMW whiz past the dashcam aimed squarely at the Toyota Prius. 

What’s next makes no sense at all. You see the stoplights flash for a moment as the BMW slows up to attempt squeezing between the Prius and Toyota Corolla sedan. The squeeze doesn’t work and mayhem ensues.

The BMW smacks into the Corolla. That force gets the BMW air for a moment before it bonks the front and part of the Corolla’s side. It then winds it into the Prius like a pinball into a bumper. You’ll need to go past the one-minute mark on the YouTube video if you’re in a hurry.

We’d like to know why the BMW driver wanted to lane split when it was so impossible

The momentum of the BMW carries it past the two Toyotas. They get hooked together and slam in unison into the center divider. That stops the Toyotas as the BMW starts slowing down backward. 

Whatever the BMW driver was rushing to get to must have been hyper-important to try this impossible maneuver. Was his wife having a baby? Maybe his mother or father was on their deathbeds? Has the Dodgers game just started? 

More likely, he was jonesing for an In-and-Out hamburger because his stomach was growling. Or he was late for a dentist appointment. A lot of drivers hate Priuses, so that could have been what was bugging him. Whatever, it wasn’t worth it. 

You wouldn’t believe us unless you watched it

BMW 5-Series sedan lane split disaster
BMW 5-Series sedan lane split disaster | YouTube

But you know this. So sit back and take in the horror of seeing someone try something deadly for no good reason. It is amazing that in this world of information and dashcam videos that there are still drivers out there that lose their minds for whatever reason. 

We understand that nobody was seriously injured. So at least the outcome wasn’t catastrophic. With the dashcam as backup, we’re sure the BMW driver’s insurance company will foot the bill for all of the damage. Maybe they’ll even jack up his premiums. Bad drivers don’t need a break on their insurance, after all.

BMW 5-Series sedan lane split disaster
BMW 5-Series sedan lane split disaster | YouTube

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