Watch a Nitrous Huffing Audi Go Street Racing and Catch Fire

People like to modify their cars and then try them out or show them off. So, friends, or enemies, sometimes get together and go out to find empty stretches of road. Then they proceed to lay into the gas pedal. Some people even record it for Youtube. That brings us to this story. A gentleman modified his Audi RS 3 with some modifications that included nitrous, a flammable go-fast type of juice. What happened next was terrifying and recorded for posterity.

Street racing is illegal

A white Audi RS3 is viewed from the front quarter driver's side.
2018 Audi RS3 sedan | Audi

Street racing is illegal. That is why the NHRA, the National Hot Rod Association, was created. The organization provides a place for people to open up their vehicles within the confines of an environment that can respond if there is an emergency. Notwithstanding,… street racing still happens. As long as there are competitive humans that can drive, street racing will probably always be around.

The Audi RS3 races some impressive exotics

Now that it is clear that street racing is not approved, let us turn our attention to the video at hand. A Youtube video channel with the handle 1320 recorded a terrifying event. The friends go out to the highway in a Audi RS3. After racing a McLaren 720 and a Nissan GTR the driver lines up his Audi RS3 with a McLaren again for a run. This time things started to get scary.

The Audi race ended quickly and then everything went wrong

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The race was quickly over, but the Audi RS3 was not responding as the driver expected. Right after the race he says, “I think we [expletive] shredded it.” Then the events started to unfold that left the driver and passenger trapped and trying to figure out how to end the slow, very hot, nightmare.

Shortly after the 150 mile-per-hour run, the engine cut off, and the car caught fire. No biggie, just stop the car, right? It was not so simple. At that point in this ride, the brakes quit working. Also, the emergency brake was no good either, and a failsafe drag racing parachute was not ready to be deployed. 

A 150-mph missile that was on fire with no brakes

In a nutshell, the driver and occupant were riding in a 150 mile-per-hour Audi RS3 missile that was on fire, with no engine power, no brakes, and no way to bail out while at speed. This, while trying not to breath toxic smoke that was infiltrating the cabin from the burning vehicle. The video is below. It will take your breath away. Caution, the language is questionable.

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According to the video description, 

“Cause of the fire was determined to be a melted brake line quick disconnect, spraying the hot brakes igniting the fluid, working its way into the engine bay. Pumping the brakes after the race-fueled the fire even further. Shortly before the car stopped the fuel line melted through creating the flames to grow rapidly”

Thankfully, this was a harrowing experience that nobody was hurt in and the nitrous bottle never exploded. The only damage incurred was to the vehicle and the owner’s wallet. Another Audi RS3 can be rebuilt. However, the driver is probably hoping the insurance company does not see the video, as illegal activity leading to the fire loss could be grounds for claims denial.