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There are a lot of ways people can use and misuse a supercar. For the most part, any car can get swept away in floodwaters. Floodwaters can be fast and unpredictable. However, this Lamborghini Gallardo proves that sometimes supercars can do everything regular vehicles can do.

Turning a $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo supercar into a boat

A Lamborghini Gallardo going through a flooded intersection
A Lamborghini Gallardo going through a flooded intersection | Inside Edition

In the video posted on the Inside Edition Youtube page, you can see various cars approach a flooded intersection. While a larger GMC SUV takes off without issue, a nearby PT Cruiser seemed more apprehensive about crossing the road. However, the white Lamborghini Gallardo takes on the water like no big deal.

The California intersection wasn’t too deep, but part of the issue of floodwater is that it can be unpredictable. There could have been a pothole or hole in the road that might have appeared due to the flood. This white Lamborghini Gallardo didn’t seem to mind, though. It plowed through the intersection like a Cadillac Escalade on 24-inch wheels. To be fair, the supercar is all-wheel drive which would have been helpful in this situation.

How can a Lamborghini Gallardo go through water like that?

One of the main reasons this Lamborghini Gallardo made it through the intersection is engine placement. The Gallardo is a rear-mid engine supercar, meaning that the engine is in the back of the vehicle. In this case, there is a chance the air intake didn’t take in any water due to the short amount of time in the intersection. There are usually air intakes in the back and on the side. In the video, neither of those locations seem to take on too much water. There’s also a chance the Lamborghini Gallardo sputtered to a stop as soon as the video stopped rolling.

There might have been water inside the vehicle, but perhaps not the engine itself. Either way, it is not recommended to take your Gallardo into a flooded intersection. In fact, it isn’t recommended to take any vehicle into a flooded intersection. If nothing else, the headlights probably got water inside the housing. The Lamborghini Gallardo passenger might have gotten a bit soggy, too.

What is hydrolock when it pertains to a vehicle?

According to CarBrain, a motor can experience hydrolock in a few situations. The full name is called hydrostatic lock, and it occurs when water gets into the engine. In this case, it appears the Lamborghini Gallardo did not get water in the engine and did not experience hydrolock.

“Normally, the piston compresses an air/fuel vapor mixture in the cylinder. Fluid simply doesn’t compress like a gas does. When the piston reaches the fluid, it comes to an abrupt halt. And, when one piston stops, they all do. Your engine shuts down, and you’re left wading through water to get to safety.”


This can happen to cars and even boats that have gotten water in the engine one way or another. It can also occur if the vehicle isn’t running at the time, such as during a flood or extreme weather event. In addition, it can cause the engine and other pieces on the car to corrode. In this case, water might not have reached the air intake, and the Lamborghini Gallardo escaped unscathed. What is the lesson here? Don’t drive through floodwaters.


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