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Tesla EVs are more than cars — they’re computers on wheels. That makes programming these electric vehicles relatively easy. Elon Musk’s car company also likes to entertain its customers through cool Tesla features. For instance, Tesla Light Show allows users to create and download custom light shows. One owner had fun programming his and a neighbor’s Tesla to perform a “dance-off” to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

Video: Tesla Light Show to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’

Tom BetGeorge, a content creator who says he typically programs theme park light displays for a living, also enjoys sharing unique light shows for others to enjoy. In a video posted last year, he showcases his and a neighbor’s Tesla cars “dueling” to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

First appearing on Jackson’s iconic Thriller album in late 1982, “Beat It” was released as a single in February 1983. Its music video, including an unforgettable dance-off, dropped in March of that year. Now, four decades later, the song featuring Eddie Van Halen’s legendary guitar solo still makes waves. And what better way to celebrate its enduring popularity than with a rocking Tesla Light Show? Click the video above to watch it.

What is Tesla Light Show, and how does it work?

Tesla Light Show, Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S | Tesla

The feature that makes these performances possible is aptly called Tesla Light Show. The automaker introduced it in late 2016 in the Model X. When activated, the feature, aka Christmas Mode, allowed the EV to flash its exterior lights and move its doors in sync with Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards in Winter.” Since then, Tesla has updated the software several times, allowing more of its models to move to the beat of music.

Additionally, anyone with a computer can create custom Tesla Light Shows, even if they don’t have a Tesla car. They can do it using the free open-source software xLights. It allows anybody to make spectacles using virtually any music. Some creators publicly post their shows for others to download via platforms such as

Tesla EVs are mobile computers

Rear angle view of blue Tesla Model 3, highlighting lawsuit claiming Model 3 Autopilot defect caused deaths
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

What sets Tesla cars apart from traditional automobiles are their cutting-edge features. Tesla EVs are not just vehicles; they are sophisticated computers on wheels. This level of technological integration allows for features like custom light shows and a plethora of hidden features, aka Easter eggs, that add a touch of fun and quirkiness to the driving experience.

Speaking of Easter eggs, Tesla has gained a reputation for hiding surprises in its vehicles. From playful animations on the touchscreen to hidden games like “Beach Buggy Racing 2,” Tesla likes to make the driving experience more enjoyable and entertaining. These hidden gems add an element of surprise and delight for Tesla owners, and it’s one of the reasons why a Tesla EV is more than just a car — it’s a source of seemingly endless excitement and innovation.

Electrifying entertainment on wheels

The new 2024 Tesla Model 3 shows off its interior styling, which comes with a different price.
Tesla Model 3 interior | Tesla

So, as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” let’s take a moment to appreciate how far technology has come. Thanks to Tesla’s cutting-edge features like Light Show, cars are electrifying entertainment on wheels. With the power of customization at our fingertips, EVs become canvases for creativity and self-expression.