Wacky and Strange Drive-Thru Car Culture

Are you used to “drive-thru culture” yet? If the coronavirus lockdowns last a while you may have to get used to them. The state most associated with the drive-thru culture is California. From dairies to banks and liquor stores the drive-thru has been an extension of California’s car culture. But among the regular drive-thru haunts there are some crazy ones; many scattered all over the world, not just in Cali. Here are some of the wackier drive-thrus you may begin to see near you in the not too distant future.

The Donut Hole, La Puente, California

UNITED STATES – AUGUST 18: The Donut Hole drive-through stand in La Puente in Los Angeles County, California (Photo by Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

Not only donuts but many bakery goods are available for one’s eating pleasure at the Donut Hole in La Puente; just outside of Los Angeles. Besides baked goods, it claims to be the most photographed donut shop in the US. 

Get Shucked, Tasmania, Australia

Get Shucked drive-thru | Double Barrelled Travel

For customer convenience, the Get Shucked oyster-farm and shop on Bruny Island will sell you fresh oysters without you ever having to leave your car. Being a tourist area customers can pull up and get oysters, fresh produce, or other foods to snack on while taking in the island’s scenic beauty.

Original Daiquiris, New Orleans, Louisiana

Original Daiquiris drive-thru | Shreveport Times

First off it is illegal to drink and drive in Louisiana, and most places in the US. That said the Original Daiquiris will sell you frozen delights for your passengers or for you to save until you get home (wink, wink) from your car. The cups must have lids with no straws to be able to be transported for enjoyment later (wink, wink).

Aishoden Funeral Home drive-thru, Japan

Aishoden Funeral Home drive-thru | Asashi

We suppose it’s just as easy to pay your respects from your own car as it is to have to walk into the mortuary. That’s why the Aishoden Funeral Home has a drive-thru for especially seniors, disabled, or those too ill to attend a service. You can even drop off condolence offerings at a receptionist window. 

Christmas Story drive-thru, Old Bridge, New Jersey

Christmas Story drive-thru | Sayre Woods Church

The Sayre Woods Bible Church in Old Bridge presents a live drive-thru Christmas Story outdoor display every year. The life-size scenes are filled with live volunteers dressed for different stations. Everyone gets a CD that provides music and narration as you travel through the presentations. 

Tunnel Of Love drive-thru, Las Vegas, Nevada

Debbie Spears and Johnny Baricuatro, of Hawaii, are married by Minister Jim Terrell inside their car during their drive-thru wedding ceremony in the “Tunnel of Love” drive-thru marriage at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas July 7, 07. The duo said it was quintessential Vegas to get married in a drive-thru so they went for it. (Photo by Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

To help save your energy for the wedding night you can get hitched for $50 without leaving your car. You can even hire an Elvis impersonator justice-of-the-peace to perform the ceremony. If your own car is a bit uninspiring you can have the nuptials performed in a limousine Tunnel Of Love provides.

Drive-thru Redwood tree, California

Shrine drive-thru tree, Avenue of Giants, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California

You’ve seen those old postcards with Model Ts driving through a hollowed-out tree. A number of them are still around especially in the Sequoia Redwoods in northern California. These are some of the tallest trees in the world. So after you’re done driving through a tree check out the scenic Sequoia National Park, too.

Aqua Pod floating drive-thru, Jumeirah, Dubai

Aqua Pod floating drive-thru | Gulf News

Though not directly related to cars you still have to drive to the dock to get your boat. That’s what the Aqua Pod is for. It’s a fast-food drive-thru for boats that floats along the lagoons of Jumeirah. Perfect for yachters and skiers alike. A diesel generator creates electricity. It even features a built-in garbage system.