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I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, are inappropriate lyrics for this story. Vice President Kamala Harris literally went airborne as the Chevrolet Tahoe she was riding in went airborne. The accident wasn’t her fault, but the Chevy Tahoe accident wasn’t reported correctly either.

Vice President Kamala Harris flies in a Chevy Tahoe due to an accident

Someone in the presidential motorcade fleet might be in trouble because as they were driving Vice President Kamala Harris around in a Chevy Tahoe the rear end went temporarily airborne.

While the motorcade was driving through a foggy night with slick roads due to rain, the driver struck a curb after staggering to the right.

The driver tried to maneuver back into the left lane, but the right rear tire struck the curb and went over it. The curb was a bit high because it serves as a divider for a bike lane. Luckily, the Tahoe didn’t come into contact with any cyclists or other SUVs.

It seems as if the driver overcorrected before striking the curb, but the Secret Service agent was giving a pass. The driver wasn’t found at fault or issued a ticket. Plus, they don’t have to attend the defensive driving course that’s typically required after an accident.

The Presidential Motorcade driving down the road
Presidential Motorcade | Chevrolet

Secret Service spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi acknowledged that the accident was initially reported as a mechanical failure. After the team took safety action, the reports were verbally corrected.

This caused the Secret Service to face criticism over miscommunication. Also, guidelines state that if an employee isn’t found at fault or issued a citation for an accident it doesn’t constitute a valid exemption from the defensive driving course.

While this situation is fishy, at least no one was injured. Kamala Harris was quickly transferred to another vehicle and driven safely back to the Whitehouse.

The Chevy Tahoe isn’t at fault and provided excellent protection. It wasn’t a civilian model. Instead, it was an armored presidential limousine model with tons of upgrades such as bulletproof windows, reinforced steel, top-side armor, and defense systems.