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Volvo has a reputation for building safe and reliable vehicles. The company’s sales in 2022 weren’t exciting, mainly because of supply chain issues. However, 2023 has been an excellent year for the Swedish automaker, and from recent Volvo sales figures, it appears the automaker is building plenty of momentum to close out the year.

Volvo had an impressive August

Despite its reliability and quality, Volvo isn’t selling as many units as other brands like Audi or BMW. In 2022, the brand closed the year with 11,111 units sold in December, having struggled in sales in the fourth quarter. The automaker started 2023 with 7,693 units sold, a 30% decline in sales. However, sales grew exponentially, with Volvo registering increased sales at the end of every new quarter.

Volvo reported a good August, having sold 10,644 units this month. This is a 30.8% increase in sales from the 8,166 units sold in August 2022. The car manufacturer reported 11,768 regional sales in August, representing a 31.6% growth compared to the same month last year.

All Volvo models saw an increase in sales except one

GoodCarBadCar lists the sales figures for six Volvo models. Starting with the Volvo 60-Series, the car’s best month was June, when it sold 1,337 units. July sales dropped to 722 units, but August saw an improvement with 222 units more. This is a 76.12% growth from the previous year’s 536 units.

The Volvo 90-Series has struggled to sell units, averaging 200 units every month. August saw a dip in 90-Series sales as it only sold 120 units. However, this was still a 21.21% growth from the 99 units it sold in August last year.

The Volvo C40 also doesn’t have good sales numbers, but it sells much better than the 90-Series. Like the 60-Series, the C40’s best month was June, when it sold 1,632 units, after which sales continued declining. Only 359 units of the Volvo C40 were sold in August, a significant improvement from the 132 units sold during the same period last year.

Volvo XC40 sales have steadily increased since April, when it sold 1,759 units, a decrease from the 2,264 units sold in March. However, August was a good month as the XC40 sold 2,495 units, marking a 133.40% growth since August 2022, when it sold 1,069 units. The extremely popular Volvo XC90 sold 3,780 units and has also been on a steady increase since April. In August 2022, the XC90 sold 3,188 units, representing an 18.57% growth.

The XC60 is the only vehicle in Volvo’s lineup that had a decrease in sales. Volvo recorded 2,946 unit sales in August 2023. However, the model sold 3,112 units in August 2022, signifying a 5.33% decline in sales.

According to Volvo, the XC90 recorded sales totaling 3,947 units in the United States and Canada. This represents an 18% increase from the 3,343 units sold in the region. The XC60 sold a unit less in 2023, as Volvo reports 3,464 units sold in 2023 and 3,465 units in 2022. 

The XC40 had substantial regional sales, having made 2,790 deliveries of the XC60 in August 2023 against the 1,280 units sold in 2022. This represents a 117% growth, making it the most improved model in Volvo’s lineup.

Volvo appears to be on the right path in 2023


Volvo Models Aren’t Glued to Dealership Lots This Year Compared to Last

Looking at these sales figures, it’s safe to assume that Volvo is on pace for a great year. The surprising increasing interest in Volvo cars may be due to its electric and hybrid lineup, which has helped it appeal to its EV market. 

Additionally, Volvo is known for prioritizing safety, making Volvo cars attractive to safety-conscious consumers. These and other factors are helping pave the way for a successful rest of 2023 for the automaker.