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There’s something extra groovy about Volkswagen’s upcoming EV that makes me want to solve mysteries with my friends. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is an electric Microbus (van…thing) that has been causing a commotion at auto shows for a few years now. Conceptually, it’s easily one of the boldest vehicles from Volkswagen that the industry has seen in years. The big question on the minds of consumers is, “Will we actually be able to afford this funky bus?” The ID. Buzz will either be a huge step in the right direction for Volkswagen electrification or completely fizzle out due to a lack of affordability.

How much does Volkswagen ID. Buzz cost?

A blue Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric microbus.
The Volkswagen ID. Buzz | Volkswagen

A few years ago, the general consensus about electric vehicles was that they’d be too expensive for practicality. It’s been an intense rollercoaster ride to get to the point where EVs are now best-selling vehicles, but we’ve arrived nonetheless. The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling vehicle of 2023 thus far, outselling fierce competitors like the Toyota RAV4.

Tesla may have singlehandedly proved that electric vehicles can be best-selling vehicles with models like the Model 3 and Model Y. That being said, it’s hard to ignore the competitive models of its rivals. One of its biggest competitors in Europe, Volkswagen, is making popular electric vehicles like the ID.4 small electric SUV.

The ID. Buzz has already caused quite the buzz in Europe. Now, it’s headed to our shores in the great U.S. of A. But can anyone afford the cool new electric vehicle, or is it overpriced? The European ID. Buzz costs the equivalent of $58,500 USD. That said, the American version will be slightly larger and thus could be more costly. So, many experts expect the three-row electric microbus to start at around $60K in the United States.

Is the VW ID. Buzz worth the money?

A green Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric microbus is driving on the road.
The Volkswagen ID. Buzz | Volkswagen

First and foremost, VW is designing the Volkswagen ID. Buzz for a large number of passengers, so naturally, it’ll be on the pricier side. Account for its complex electric powertrain system, and a $60K price tag starts to make much more sense (if the U.S. version is a three-row model). So, even though pricing information for America’s ID. Buzz isn’t available; we have a solid benchmark and an idea of its value proposition.

Ultimately, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz is a niche vehicle. The average consumer with no connection to older VW bus models and no interest in EVs is unlikely to purchase this intriguing new vehicle.

Is the upcoming Volkswagen ID. Buzz worth the money for consumers who aren’t already huge vans of VW buses and EVs alike? No. That being said, the quirky EV already has a huge following in Europe. It’s sure to make an impact on the U.S. market as well, despite a starting price that could ruffle some feathers.

Volkswagen EVs are building a good reputation

A gray Volkswagen ID. Buzz is driving on the road.
The Volkswagen ID. Buzz | Volkswagen

Is the Volkswagen ID. Buzz a Minivan?

Volkswagen has as good a chance of becoming the best producer of electric vehicles as any other automotive brand. Its ID.4 small electric SUV is shocking the world. It has a strong value proposition, and VW is offering it with several different battery types for different consumers. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz may never become wildly popular, but don’t take VW lightly. It has grand plans for an electric future.