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The 2021 Ford Bronco is not the only Bronco that has seen a mad rush in prospective owners. As with many other vintage 4x4s, the vintage Ford Bronco market has blown up over the last few years. However, this 1972 Ford Bronco doesn’t even have an engine, and it’s still got a $380,000 price tag. However, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be sitting somewhere in a garage parked. 

1972 Ford Bronco LUXE-GT made by Gateway Bronco parked on a road
1972 Ford Bronco LUXE-GT | Gateway Bronco

Vintage Ford Bronco gets a new lease on life

Traditionally, the old Broncos used to bumble around the roads and trails powered by either an inline-six or the beefier 302 V8. However, this vintage Bronco is a bit of a different bird. This one has no manual gearbox, no leaky old engine, and a start button. If you haven’t already seen the newest vintage restomod motoring trend, let this vintage Bronco introduce you to a more responsible vintage 4×4 future. Gateway Bronco swapped out the old gas-guzzling powertrain for a silent and efficient all-electric one. 

Clearly, the folks at Gateway Bronco did a little more than just swap the engine for a motor. According to MotorTrend, the massive vintage 4×4 overhaul was executed in Gateway’s impressive 60,000 sqft facility in Illinois. 

If this electric 1972 Ford Bronco doesn’t tip you off, this is what Gateway Bronco does. Gateway Bronco, licensed by Ford Motor Company, redresses vintage classic Broncos with contemporary engines (or, in this case, motors), transmissions, brake systems, and suspension setups while restoring and redesigning the interior and body.

Is this the first electric vintage Ford Bronco? 

upclose shot of the electric bronco badge
1972 Ford Bronco LUXE-GT | Gateway Bronco

Nope. Gateway Bronco has done this impressive swap before. However, the Luxe GT is the next-generation EV powertrain that promises to be more powerful, usable, and friendly than the previous one. This electric vintage Bronco’s range has been extended from 200 miles to over 300 miles over the previous version. It’s also reported to be able to rip a zero-to-60-mph time of 4.7 seconds.

Although Gateway Bronco has already made the Fuelie Bronco (the first EV Bronco), this new is a different deal. Yes, the range and speed are greater, but the LUXE-GT Electric uses a 540-volt EV drivetrain with a 220-kW electric motor. The result is a price increase of $120,000. All that added performance and new technology don’t come cheap. 

There is more here than just a fancy electric motor

interior shots of the pedals for the electric Ford Bronco
1972 Ford Bronco LUXE-GT | Gateway Bronco

For one thing, just look at it. This vintage Ford Bronco is one of the prettiest vintage 4x4s on the market. From the color combo to the wooden steering wheel, Gateway Bronco has really gone to the mat on this one. 

According to MotorTrend, another massive focal point for this electric SUV build is its custom JRide Electronic Ride Control Suspension. This suspension was taken straight off the race track. These shocks allow the driver to electronically adjust them with the touch of a button depending on the job at hand. With all this newfound power, this suspension, along with Wilwood four-wheel disc brakes, are both necessary additions. 

Don’t drool on the leather, please

behind the Gateway LUXE-GT Bronco
1972 Ford Bronco LUXE-GT | Gateway Bronco

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There is no question that Gateway Bronco went all out on this vintage 4×4. To finish the impressive build, they added Porsche-grade leather trim, vintage barn wood on the bed, and last but definitely not least, air conditioning. 

$380,000 is many cabbages. There is no question about it. However, this is clearly a lot of truck that seems to offer more value the deeper you get.