Ultra-Rare V10-Powered Ford Shelby Cobra Concept Heads to Auction

Based on the famous sports car of the 1960s, the 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept was supposed to highlight what the American carmaker could build at the time. While it shares a similar look to the original car, this Ford concept hides a naturally-aspirated V10 under its hood and plenty of goodies directly off the GT supercar. However, now you’ve got a chance to own it because it’s heading to auction.

According to Mecum Auctions via The Drive, this concept is a one-off, tested by Carol Shelby himself. Today, the car is owned by former Ford Vice President of Product Development, Chris Theodore. Given how much he paid for it a few years ago, this auction won’t be cheap.

What was the Ford Shelby Cobra Concept based on?

An image of a Ford Shelby Cobra Concept outdoors.
2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept | Mecum Auctions

As this Ford Shelby Cobra Concept underwent development, it was simply known by its codename, “Daisy.” According to Mecum, Shelby shared a wish back in the early 2000s to build a brand-new Cobra, and this is what he came up with. What is perhaps most important about this build is the fact that Ford was developing its GT racecar while this concept came to life. As a result, it benefited from these new parts.

According to Mecum, the concept features an “engineered welded and bonded space frame, made up of billet aluminum plus castings and extruded aluminum sections sourced from the Ford GT.” Additionally, the concept utilizes the GT’s front and rear suspension as well as its Brembo brakes.

While Mecum didn’t post an exact odometer, chances are this car hasn’t seen much time out on the open road. In total, we know that Carol Shelby covered at least 150 miles during testing. Despite this, the current owner decided to send the car out to get a full service, meaning it and its massive engine are ready to go.

How much power does this V10 offer up?

An image of a Ford Shelby Cobra Concept outdoors.
2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept | Mecum Auctions

At the front of this Ford Shelby Cobra Concept, you’ll find a naturally-aspirated 6.4-liter V10 engine pushing out around 605 hp. Aside from existing in a concept car, this engine is special because it is just one of four V10s built by Ford Advanced Powertrain. Keeping with the theme of borrowing from the GT, this roadster features its six-speed manual transaxle.

One of the main goals surrounding the inclusion of the transaxle is that it would provide greater legroom. To put this strange machine in context, it is almost as long as a Miata with more legroom than a Crown Victoria. All-in, this could’ve made a great GT car if it had made it into production.

How much will this Ford Shelby Cobra Concept Cost?

An image of a Ford Shelby Cobra Concept outdoors.
2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept | Mecum Auctions

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As you might imagine, buying a one-off Ford Shelby Cobra Concept certainly won’t be cheap. For reference, its current owner paid $825,000 for it back in 2017. Given the recent boom in the car market, this car could attract some serious cash. Aside from being a one-off, it is completely road legal, meaning its new owner could actually go out and enjoy it. Because of this, Mecum doesn’t even have an estimated price range. Instead, we’ll have to see what it sells for this August.