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The United States Postal Service is an agency that traces its roots back to the 18th century, but it would not be until the 1950s that the first mail trucks would go into service. As it stands, the USPS now operates one of the largest civilian fleets in the world, with the Grumman LLV probably being its most recognizable USPS truck. It looks like it’s time for a change, though, as the Postal Service has plans to go electric.

Are postal trucks electric?

Right now, the vast majority of USPS mail trucks operate with internal combustion engines. But starting in 2026, more and more Postal Service vehicles will switch to electric powertrains. In fact, the agency is exploring the feasibility of moving to an all-electric fleet. Something that might not be feasible for the time being.

An Oshkosh NGDV mail truck delivers some mail.
Oshkosh NGDV | Oshkosh Defense

The Postal Service operates a fleet of over 220,000 vehicles, and a lot of those are starting to show their age. If you consider the Grumman LLV mail truck, the last new one rolled off the production line in the 1990s. Incredibly, the LLV is still in operation today. 

That said, in the coming years, the United States Postal Service will start taking delivery of the Oshkosh Next Generation Delivery Vehicle. The NGDV can come equipped as an EV. And 75% of the models the agency has ordered are set to be electric. 

Does the USPS use Ford vehicles?

Earlier this year, Ford earned a contract with the Postal Service. Ford is going to build over 9,000 E-Transit vans for the USPS. These electric mail trucks will offer 266 horsepower and an electric range of about 130 miles. Going with the E-Transit is a reflection of the post office’s commitment to move to an electric fleet. 

Now, you might be wondering if the USPS even has the infrastructure in place to operate an electric fleet. I don’t blame you there; if you currently drive an EV, you are likely familiar with the current downsides of the charging infrastructure here in the States. 

Postmaster General Louis Dejoy shared his thoughts on the undertaking: “The $3 billion provided by Congress has significantly reduced the risk associated with accelerating the implementation of a nationwide infrastructure necessary to electrify our delivery fleet.”

According to the USPS, Oshkosh NGDVs are expected to start making deliveries in late 2023. So soon, you could be getting your mail from an electric delivery vehicle. 

New mail trucks are coming

The Grumman LLV mail truck has been making deliveries since 1987. That means the LLV is coming up on almost 40 years of service, much longer than the initial service life of just 24 years. 

A pair of Grumman LLV mail trucks sit parked as United States Postal Service vehicles.
Grumman LLV | Paul Weaver via Getty Images

After years of competition, the Postal Service awarded the contract for new mail trucks to Oshkosh Defense. And now that company is responsible for building the NGDV. Some models are going to use a traditional internal combustion engine, but most will be battery-powered. 

That should help this government agency align more with the Biden administration’s order to move to zero-emissions fleets.

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