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A used Tesla Model Y Long Range is a tempting prospect for American electric vehicle (EV) shoppers in 2023. The Long Range trim’s lengthy single-charge range mixes with its SUV appeal, an attribute modern American consumers over-indulge in. Still, is a used Model Y Long Range worth it in 2023? Or are EV shoppers better off with a different choice?

Which Tesla Model Y has the longest range?

A red used 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range EV SUV parks near a mountain range.
Model Y | Tesla

The Tesla Model Y Long Range has the longest range of the three trims in the lineup. Specifically, Tesla says the Long Range trim will cover up to 330 miles with a single charge, 70 more than the entry-level Rear-Wheel Drive EV SUV.

However, in Car and Driver’s real-world range testing, the Long Range trim returned a result of 220 miles between charges. What’s more, the thrust-happy Performance trim managed to cover 230 miles on a single charge, 10 more than the trim that promises maximum range. Of course, the range is dictated by factors like driving behavior, conditions, traffic, and temperature

Moreover, like the Performance trim, the Long Range trim rides on a dual-motor, all-wheel drive (AWD) platform. As a result, the long-legged EV SUV is much better acclimated to challenging weather conditions like rain or ice. 

What is the cheapest Tesla Model Y?

Despite the appeal of the AWD models, it’s $5,000 more than the entry-level Tesla Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive, the cheapest trim in the lineup. The single-motor Rear-Wheel Drive starts at $32,890 after a federal tax credit. 

ModelStarting price (after federal tax credit)
Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive$32,890
Model Y Long Range$37,890
Model Y Performance$41,390

In the 2023 lineup, the Model Y is the second most affordable of the marque’s four mass-production vehicles. The Model 3, a lower, smaller EV hatchback, is the brand’s cheapest option.

Tesla Model (2023)Starting price (after federal tax credit)
Model Y$32,890
Model 3$28,490
Model S$71,090
Model X$68,590

What are the disadvantages of the Tesla Model Y?

The 2023 Tesla Model Y adds ride height and capacity to the Tesla experience that the Model 3 doesn’t offer. However, the portly size and curb weight of the Model Y Long Range means a lower EPA estimated range and acceleration times than a comparable Model 3 Long Range. 

For instance, the Model 3 Long Range promises 333 miles on a single charge and a sprint to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, three miles more and a half a second quicker than a comparable Model Y Long Range, respectively.  

How much should I pay for a used Model Y?

A used 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range has a fair value of around $34,131 with average mileage. That puts a four-year-old Model Y around $4,000 less than a new model after the $7,500 federal tax incentive.

Further, with falling Tesla prices and commensurate used EV price trends, a used Model Y Long Range could be a worthwhile investment in 2023.

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