Used Cars From 2017 Under $15,000 That Won’t Leave You Disappointed

When it comes to buying a new car, you can usually get a great deal on an option that’s just a few years old, but still within the latest generation for the model. Right now, 2017 model years seem to be the sweet spot for buying a used car. They are old enough to have depreciated down to an even more affordable price, yet new enough to have the latest styles and tech. These 2017 model sedans have a lot to offer, and yet you can find them on the used car market for under $15,000 just because they aren’t the newest model year.

The Honda Fit

People love to have the Honda Fit, but at the end of the day, it’s a reasonably reliable vehicle that is a great option for a commuter vehicle. While the Honda Fit isn’t the most aggressively styled or sportiest looking vehicle on the road, it does have some modern touches that make it look just as good as the 2020 model year.

Honda Fit | Honda

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Better yet, you can find the 2017 Honda Fit on the used market for under $15,000 even in good condition. Their low price, as well as high-reliability rating, make them an excellent option for a daily driver or a first car. Although they are small in size — which works to its advantage in providing good fuel economy — the rear seats fold down to provide extra cargo space, making it a surprisingly practical option.

The fan-favorite Toyota Corolla

People seem to love the Toyota Corolla, and we really can’t blame them. They are affordable, stylish, and they pass every safety test with flying colors. The 2017 is a great model year to look at if you want a reliable and well-equipped sedan for under $15,000. The Corolla ages so well that you can buy a 2017 model year and still expect to get a lot of life out of the car because they are easily capable of lasting 200,000 miles and even more with just your standard maintenance.

silver Toyota Corolla on an old stone road
Generation Toyota Corolla | Toyota

Better yet, owners genuinely enjoy driving their Corolla year after year. For a low price, they don’t sacrifice comfort or features, and they have a surprising amount to offer for such an affordable car. A used Corolla of any year is typically a good bargain, but the 2017 model years are just new enough that you’ll feel like you’re driving a brand new car.

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While there is a lot of appeal to buying a car brand new, cars only undergo a complete change in style and features every couple of years. This is what leads to generations of vehicles that are mostly the same regardless of the model year. Buying a car that is only a few years old sometimes means purchasing a vehicle that is essentially the same as a brand new model, but it can save you a lot of money.