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Just one day after an engine failure forced a United Airlines flight to perform an emergency landing, another of the airline’s flights made the news. This time, a falling tire from the airplane, a Boeing 777-200, caused havoc on the ground shortly after takeoff. Unfortunately for several vehicle owners, United Airlines Flight 35 and its lost tire won the game of ‘rock, airplane, car hood’. 

A falling tire from United Airlines Flight 35 smashed several cars near the San Francisco International Airport

On Thursday, a United Airlines flight departed San Francisco International Airport (SFO) as planned. However, before the aircrew had the opportunity to retract the landing gear, one of the tires in the airplane’s landing gear system broke off and plummeted to the ground. Fortunately, officials cite no injuries in the incident

However, the tire fell into a nearby parking lot, damaging several vehicles. Consequently, the United Airlines flight was rerouted to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Even with a missing tire, the aircraft landed at LAX without injury or incident. Check out the social media post below for a clip of the tire breaking off the Boeing’s landing gear.

The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200, was bound for Osaka, Japan from San Francisco International Airport. After losing a tire, though, United Airlines chose to divert the international flight. Fortunately, the 777-200 has six tires on each of its main landing gears, along with two on the nose. As such, the aircraft is capable of landing with missing or damaged tires, per United Airlines.

A United Airlines flight drops its tires on its landing gear.
A United Airlines Boeing 777-200 | Laser1987 via iStock

It’s a less-than-dramatic and fortunate resolution to a scary situation. However, it’s not isolated; United Airlines made the news recently for another issue, just one day prior. Specifically, UA Flight 1118 suffered an engine failure and fire, forcing the Boeing 737-900 to perform an emergency landing.