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The impossible is before you. Just when you thought the 2023 BMW XM couldn’t get any uglier, think again. Some describe it as “eye-catching.” We agree but in a clown-running-down-the-street kind of way. Renegade Design, from Dubai, is introducing its carbon fiber body kit. We think it is the winner of the “Worst Looking BMW Ever” XM SUV. 

Renegade had an opportunity to somehow soften the grating design elements of the SUV. Instead, it chooses to emphasize them with this kit. Sort of like putting a big blue circle around the biggest pimple ever on your face. The kit is made up of carbon fiber bits super-glued to different body details. 

What comes with the BMW XM carbon fiber kit?

Here are some of the highlights, or lowlights, depending on your perspective. It features a newly-super-scooped and vented hood cover, splitter, different intake grilles, and merry-go-round-like carbon fiber placed around the already gaudy lighted kidney grille. But wait, there’s more.

Requisite carbon fiber fender flares, side skirts, mirror covers, and new side moldings that emphasize how arbitrary and incongruent this particular design feature really is. And this is just for the front and side. Now let’s take a look at the rear. 

Does the BMW XM kit offer paint options?

White and black 2023 BMW XM Renegade Design kit
2023 BMW XM Renegade Design kit | Renegade

More glue-on tchotchkes abound. There are things to make the spoiler look like it is made of carbon fiber, then more ring around the Rosie bits bonked around the reflectors and diffuser. Finally, the lucky buyer gets an F1-style brake light. What this has to do with anything, we aren’t quite sure. 

Yes, there is all of this and more. There is a gang of options for wheels and different carbon fiber finishes to further glitz up the already overdone design device. Of course, color changes are also part of Renegade Designs‘ “personalization options.” 

How limited is the limited-edition kit?

2023 BMW XM Renegade Design hood add-on
2023 BMW XM Renegade Design hood add-on | Renegade

Maybe the best news of all is that Renegade is only making 10 of these SUVs. What’s not such good news is that if you want one, you can order one now, but Renegade doesn’t know how much to charge for the makeover. So if you want one, you might be able to work the eventual price to your benefit. 

If you wait, there are maybe 10 customers (and probably only 10, at the most) for this carbon fiber monstrosity, and you’ll lose out. We doubt there are really 10 in the world. So if you wait, Renegade might give you a deal to unload these carbon fiber bits. So it’s a gamble one way or the other.

And the good news is that if you do wait too long and they’re gone, in truth, a stock XM is basically the same bad design. So you can still soak in whatever you get from looking at it, if anything at all, by buying a stocker. The tuner says the first shipments of these things start going out in September, probably in the dark of night. 


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