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If you need a reliable truck that can perform off-road just as well as it can perform on it, then the 2021 Toyota Tacoma is one of the best choices you can make. But if you want just a little more out of your Tacoma, then you can now opt for the all-new TRD lift kit, which gives the truck a factory-backed boost in ride height. I have been driving the 2021 Tacoma with the TRD lift kit for the past week and I have found that it has quite a little bounce in its step.

The TRD lift kit comes with everything you need

a 2021 Toyota Tacoma Off Road with TRD Lift Kit drives off road
2021 Toyota Tacoma Off Road with TRD Lift Kit | Toyota

The TRD lift kit is intended to give the Toyota Tacoma a much-needed lift to get over taller obstacles and improve its overall approach, break-over, and departure angles. According to Toyota, the lift kit adds two inches to the front of the Tacoma and one inch in the rear. In total, the kit adds a 1.7-inch lift to the overall ride height.

The kit includes new monotube Bilstein shocks that are specially designed to accommodate the added lift. The front shocks have an extended rebound stroke for the added suspension travel that the repositioned coil springs provide. While the rear shocks include larger two-inch shock bodies that can accommodate larger piston rods and improve damping response off-road. Additionally, there are cast iron spacers included in the kit to assist with the rear lift.

a rear shot of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Off Road with TRD Lift Kit driving off road
2021 Toyota Tacoma Off Road with TRD Lift Kit | Toyota

How does the TRD lift kit feel on the road?

I haven’t had a chance to put the lifted Tacoma TRD Off-Road through its paces on an off-road trail yet, but I have driven it under normal conditions. My first thought was that the lift kit doesn’t look like anything substantial, especially considering the truck is equipped with the stock 16-inch wheels and tires. It’s also pretty easy to get in and out of despite the higher ride height, so no complaints there.

As far as how the truck drives, I’m happy to report that it rides nicely with the TRD kit on it. To be honest, I was really surprised considering the Tacoma in stock form rides like a pontoon boat in a storm, even when you’re driving at low speeds. However, the Bilstein shocks make the truck more stable, even when taking turns at a higher rate of speed. Thanks to the added rebound, the truck soaks up bumps and uneven pavement nicely.

Although, I did detect that it does ride a tad bit stiffer, so you can expect some bounciness over larger bumps. But the good news is that you’ll be able to drive over almost anything with ease, thanks to the truck’s added height.

a picture of a shock absorber from the Toyota TRD lift kit
2021 Toyota Tacoma Off Road with TRD Lift Kit | Toyota

Is the TRD lift kit worth the price?

Considering I’m a fan of luxury cars and comfortable rides, I would say that the TRD lift kit is worth the $1,450 (without labor) for the ride stability alone. I know that the added vertical lift is the main draw, however, TRD did a great job in tuning the lift kit to adapt to almost every type of driving.

I’m sure the lift kit does well off-road, too, but that remains to be seen. Also, the TRD kit might not provide the type of lift that some enthusiasts want in order to fit larger tires onto the Tacoma. But if you’re just looking for a little bit of a lift and want a kit that’s compatible with your 2020 and up Tacoma, then the TRD kit is the way to go.


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