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Say it isn’t so! The Toyota Tundra hasn’t gotten its stuff together yet to improve its interior quality. The current generation arrived with weird issues such as the weather stripping falling off and parts of the seats breaking. But despite having time to make corrections, the Toyota Tundra is still struggling. 

Does the Toyota Tundra have quality issues? 

Unfortunately, the Toyota Tundra is still battling various quality issues that have been impacting the exterior and the interior. We wish this wasn’t the case, because the Tundra has a massive reputation to live up to. 

The previous generation still ranks highly as one of the best-used trucks you can buy. But you may want to proceed with the current generation with caution. has been building a detailed list about the issues that Tundra owners are having to deal with. 

For example, the driver’s side trim was manufactured with cheap plastic that was prone to breaking. Now it has a more durable design, that’s still prone to breaking. Also, the trim piece had roughly 4,000 back orders at one time. 

The driver’s seat thigh support function also causes trouble because it’s prone to getting stuck and many owners have reported getting it replaced. 

The Toyota Tundra driving in a field
2023 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

The rear window seals and trim still peel off pretty easily, despite having a technical service bulletin. The trim is only attached with double-sided tape and no clips. 

A majority of owners struggle with wind noise that was thought to be related to the power folding mirrors, but replacing the window trim actually corrects this issue. 

Some owners are finding tailgate paint wear around the rear spoiler. This issue is being discovered on a lot of brand-new models that are still on the dealership lot. 

To make matters worse as your paint fades and plastic trim pisces brake, the Tundra is prone to inaccurate fuel gauge readings. This is a known issue with a technical service bulletin that explains how to update the ECU software. 

But the fuel gauges are still reading incorrectly after the update. Both the digital and analog gauges have problems and Toyota is adding another sensor to the 2024 model to remedy the issue with new trucks. 

Other problems include engine failures, excessive tire wear, infotainment problems, excessive brake wear, volume knobs braking, transmission problems, and interior rattling. 

No wonder the 2023 Toyota Tundra only has a reliability ranking of 78 out of 100, which is average. The 2022 model earned a 70, so the Tundra is slowly improving. But it still has a lot of work to do.