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The Toyota Tundra is one of the most popular used pickup trucks on the market. This has been the case since it debuted in 2000, but some model years and generations are more reliable than others. Namely, the second generation happens to be the one with the most ‘seals of awesome’ from CarComplaints. This means that the second-gen Tundra, especially after the second facelift, has some of the best-used trucks.

Here’s a look into the second generation, and it makes a solid used Toyota Tundra.

The second generation of the Toyota Tundra spanned many years

The timeframe concerning a vehicle’s generation varies based on a few factors. However, most vehicles have a new generation every five to seven years. However, the Toyota Tundra is a bit different as its second generation lasted quite a while. Exactly how long was the second generation of the Toyota Tundra? It lasted for 14 years, from 2007 all the way until the 2021 model year.

It’s also normal for vehicles to get redesigned during a generation, which the car industry often calls a facelift. However, the second-generation Tundra underwent three facelifts. This means that used Tundra models from gen. 2 are more diverse than other vehicles. The changes may not have been drastic, but they served as valuable upgrades, making up for the second generation lasting for so long.

There appears to be a sweet spot in the middle of the second-generation Toyota Tundra

Used Toyota Tundras can be solid investments as buyers trust the nameplate. However, those wanting the best used models should go for not only the second generation of the truck but specifically the models after its second facelift. This is the case not only because they happen to be newer and feature an updated look but also because they have the fewest complaints from buyers.

The second generation Toyota Tundra post-second facelift has the best models because they have CarComplaints ‘seal of awesome’. These model years start in 2014 and end in 2021.

However, the model years with the seal start with the 2013 model and include up to the 2017 Tundra. This doesn’t mean other used Tundra models are unreliable. It just means they have too many complaints to qualify for the ‘seal of awesome’.

Always do your research

It’s important to remember when buying your used Toyota Tundra that no two vehicles are the same. Buying a vehicle from the truck’s second generation and after the second facelift won’t guarantee that the vehicle is perfect.

It just means you have more of a chance to find a reliable model. It’s paramount to do your research, which includes obtaining a vehicle report, test-driving it, and having a mechanic inspect it.

Overall, the Tundra makes a great used truck. Not only is it a spacious option, but this is a truck that delivers solid power that won’t bore you a few years down the line. The other great thing about a used Tundra is that it’s a versatile truck. It’s great for towing, it’s great for families, and it’s a well-rounded vehicle that has a great look.

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