If You Want an SUV That Will Last Over 200K Miles Get 1 of These Toyota SUVs

A vehicle is a big purchase, so most people spend hours trying to determine which one is the best value. Reliability is a big factor: Drivers want something that will last at least 200,000 miles without high repair bills. Toyota makes many reliable models, but two of its SUVs are well-known for their dependability.

The Land Cruiser and Sequoia were more than twice as likely to last over 200,000 miles, according to iSeeCars. Both Toyota SUVs have similar features and powertrains, so how do you know which one to buy?

The Toyota Land Cruiser is built to last

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a large body-on-frame SUV with a beefy 381-hp V8 and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Four-wheel drive comes standard, making the Land Cruiser an excellent off-roader. However, on more civilized roadways, it feels confined and offers a stiff ride.

The Land Cruiser also comes standard with crawl control, a locking limited-slip center differential, tow hooks, skid plates, and large all-terrain tires. It even has a camera underneath the body to help drivers see hidden obstacles. The self-leveling suspension is surprisingly comfortable on rugged roads; combined with the posh interior, it’s an adventure in luxury.

The Toyota Land Cruiser comes with standard leather seating for up to eight riders. Though the third row is slightly cramped, tall passengers should have no problem in the first two rows. The first two rows also have heated seats, and all riders can enjoy the standard moonroof.

You can also spring for a rear-seat infotainment system with a DVD player. The Land Cruiser is already expensive, retailing for over $85,000. However, its luxurious feel and off-roading capability make it a decent value.

How the Toyota Sequoia compares

The Toyota Sequoia is another full-size body-on-frame SUV. It shares the Land Cruiser’s engine but has a shorter transmission and doesn’t come with standard AWD. Though it’s easy to steer, that doesn’t make up for its bulky dimensions and shaky ride quality. However, its suspension saves riders from big jolts, and the brakes are good.

For off-roading, you’re better off with the Sequoia TRD Pro. It doesn’t offer all the same equipment as the Land Cruiser, but it comes with exclusive Fox shocks. Like the Land Cruiser, this model also comes standard with full-time AWD.

However, the cabin can’t compare to the Land Cruiser’s. The Sequoia’s interior hasn’t changed in years. It’s filled with cheap-feeling fabric and hard plastic. On the bright side, each row of seating fits adults comfortably.

The Toyota Sequoia’s technology is also outdated, with a slow infotainment system and grainy graphics to match. At least it comes with smartphone integration and a sizable suite of driver’s aids. Still, with a $50,100 starting price, it’s a hard sell compared to more updated rivals.

Why is the brand so reliable?

Many attribute Toyota’s reliability to the automaker’s “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. Toyota SUVs have been built on truck-like platforms for years with no significant changes. Though this makes them reliable, SUVs like the Sequoia get a bad rap for their antiquated interiors.

So when it comes to choosing between the Toyota Land Cruiser and Sequoia, it’s ultimately a matter of budget and preference. Sure, the Land Cruiser is double the price, but at least you know it will last many years. Despite its age, the Sequoia still earns an above-average owner satisfaction rating from Consumer Reports.