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The Honda CR-V has consistently topped compact SUV rankings. The RAV4 remains the most popular SUV in America despite coming second to the CR-V in many different ranking lists. Why is the Toyota RAV4 outselling the Honda CR-V?

The Toyota RAV4 has more compelling trim options

The Toyota RAV4 comes in an exciting variety of trims. These trims include the RAV4 Hybrid, which boasts incredible fuel economy. The RAV4 Hybrid gets 41 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway. It has one of the best fuel efficiency ratings in its vehicle class.

The Toyota RAV4 also offers a TRD Off-Road trim. The TRD Off-Road trim is designed for off-road adventuring. It has 8.6 inches of ground clearance. The RAV4 TRD Off-Road also comes with all-terrain tires as well as different driving modes.

The Honda CR-V offers a hybrid option, but Toyota is a hybrid technology veteran. Honda is still developing its TrailSport off-road trim. CR-V higher-level trims offer more power, comfort, and tech with the CR-V, but not as much variety as RAV4 trims.

Consumers are digging the new RAV4’s uprgades

Two 2021 Toyota RAV4 SUVs are parked.
Two 2021 Toyota RAV4 SUVs are parked | Toyota

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 is a redesigned model. According to sales, consumers are lovin’ the new RAV4. Toyota added soundproofing under the hoods of gas-powered RAV4’s to reduce engine noise and improve overall ride quality. Power driver seats have become standard since the 2020 model.

The new compact SUV now comes in a whopping 11 different trim levels. The 2021 model year introduces the XLE Premium trim for drivers looking for a more luxurious RAV4. The XLE Premium is one trim behind the final Limited trim.

With six gas and five hybrid models to choose from, the RAV4 is easily one of the most versatile, consumer-friendly SUVs on the market. Whether your focus as a consumer is affordability, fuel economy, luxury, or off-roading, the 2021 Toyota RAV4 has a trim for you.

The 2021 Toyota RAV4’s slight upgrades go a long way for comfort and ride quality. Toyota has been known to forego comfort for affordability in entry-level trims, so the slight 2021 tweaks are appreciated by consumers.

The Toyota RAV4 is no stranger to first place

The Toyota RAV4 is on display.
The Toyota RAV4 is on display | Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

The Toyota RAV4 has occupied the top-selling compact SUV spot in America for three years. Forget compact. The RAV4 has been the top-selling SUV for the last three years, beating out amazing SUVs like the Honda CR-V. It isn’t easy being the best, but once you are, excellence is expected.

Since the Toyota RAV4 is on such a long run, it’s easy for consumers to go with the most popular option. Millions of Americans can’t be completely wrong about choosing the RAV4 over the CR-V, right?

The Honda CR-V is a seasoned vet in its own right, but in an age of rising gas prices and economic uncertainty, the RAV4 is has prioritized affordability more than the CR-V. The CR-V is better known for performance, comfort, and tech. The RAV4 has proven time and time again that the affordable option doesn’t have to be uncool.

According to Car and Driver, the Toyota RAV4 has sold over 23,000 more units than the Honda CR-V as of October 2021. Toyota has sold at least 313,447 RAV4 models thus far. Unless the new CR-V is a huge upgrade, the Toyota RAV4 will continue to dominate its vehicle class.


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