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So the time has come. One of the most anticipated launches of a new model, the 2024 Toyota 300 Series Land Cruiser, is upon us. We’ve got many images, all of the specs, and more. With so much anticipation around a new Land Cruiser coming to the U.S., it’s puzzling that Toyota didn’t nurture the enthusiasm of the marque. Whatever, here’s what it is.

The 300 Series Land Cruiser is all new. Toyota calls its philosophy behind the new Land Cruiser “inheritance and evolution.” First, the Land Cruiser remains a body-on-frame SUV. It features new technology that makes it a ladder frame of the future.

What’s new about the Toyota Land Cruiser’s suspension?

Silver 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser
2024 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

Many body panels are aluminum, including the top, hood, door panels, and more. And the engine is mostly aluminum. A new suspension features a high-mounted double-wishbone front and trailing-link rigid-axle rear suspension. And Toyota introduces its Linear Solenoid Adaptive Suspension (AVS) system to the legendary Land Cruiser.

White 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser
2024 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

AVS controls the damping and shock functions for each corner. Another new system is the Torsen Limited Slip Differential (LSD-maybe an unfortunate acronym). So Toyota is addressing both the ride control and off-road chops. 

Is there a new Land Cruiser powertrain?

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser body-on-frame
2024 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

Also new is the drivetrain. The 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine combines 305 kW with 480 lb-ft of torque. This is a four-stroke direct-injection powerplant. One turbocharger ramps up initial acceleration, while the second cranks up the power beyond. 

Transferring this power is Direct-Shift 10AT 10-speed automatic transmission. As far as overall dimensions, the 2024 Land Cruiser maintains its 200 Series predecessor’s wheelbase, approach angle, departure angle, and ramp breakover angle.  

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 3.5-liter
2024 Land Cruiser engine | Toyota

Inside, the seats and overall structure are all new. So the automaker says luggage space and interior comfort are improved, and collision performance is better than the 200 Series. Aiding that is better safety performance that increases forward visibility. 

As for the tech, let’s start with the 12.3-inch widescreen. It provides nav, audio, HVAC, off-road data, and more. Hands-Free Back Door allows drivers to open the door by placing their feet under the rear bumper. 

Is this the Land Cruiser coming to the U.S.?

2024 Land Cruiser body ghosted over chassis
2024 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

In the safety department, the Land Cruiser incorporates the Toyota Safety Sense active safety package. A pre-collision is here, and emergency steering assist kicks in when the system senses the driver’s collision avoidance maneuvers. There is also Parking Support Braking, Plus Control, which throttles back sudden acceleration, Camera Wash Function, Blind Spot Monitoring, and more. 

What is here is the Japanese-spec 2024 Land Cruiser. But it is virtually identical to what we’ll get in the U.S. The North American version will be here later this year. But things like pricing and other specifics are pending. 

2024 Land Cruiser screen
2024 Land Cruiser interior | Toyota

Why Does Everyone Love the Toyota Land Cruiser So Much?

MotorBiscuit will continue to parse the information from Toyota as it is available. There may be minor tweaks from what you’re seeing here, but if you plan on buying this all-new Land Cruiser, this is very close to what you’ll get. We’ll let you know when order books open and when to expect America’s version of the iconic SUV. 

Next up is Toyota’s 4Runner, which we’ll bring to you soon. Toyota is happening right now, and we’ll continue to monitor what’s happening in Aichi, Japan.