This Toyota Land Cruiser 6×6 Might Be the Wackiest Way to Spend $150,000

Let’s face it. The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most sensible SUV purchasing decisions you can make. This comes largely down to the Land Cruiser’s above-average reliability ratings. In fact, most parts on modern versions of this iconic SUV have a 25-year service life, meaning they are built to last. As a result, this platform is the ideal candidate for a 6×6 pickup conversion.

This modified 6×6 comes to us from Australia’s Drive car listing site via Motor1. As you might imagine, converting an SUV with a pickup with extra wheels is no easy feat. To achieve this, this particular example sports some notable upgrades.

Is the Toyota Land Cruiser reliable?

An image of a Toyota Land Cruiser 6x6 parked outside in Australia.
Toyota Land Cruiser 6×6 |

Anyone interested in building a 6×6 pickup truck needs a solid base. This is why the Toyota Land Cruiser is a perfect choice. This modified truck started life as a J70 variant of the iconic SUV in Australia. According to Motor1, under its hood lies a 4.5-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine. Total power output is rated at 202 hp and 317 lb-ft. That available power goes to all six wheels via a five-speed manual transmission.

The fact that this SUV has remained largely unchanged for well over a decade is actually one of its greatest strengths. The J70 features a body-on-frame design. However, you can buy this SUV with different wheelbase lengths. Additionally, you can even have it as a pickup truck or with no bed at all, facilitating commercial use.

Thanks to their popularity, most of these made-to-last components remain easy to source and cheap to replace. As a result, most owners end up keeping these things for decades.

How do you turn an SUV into a pickup with two extra wheels?

An image of a Toyota Land Cruiser 6x6 parked outside in Australia.
Toyota Land Cruiser 6×6 |

Despite being a tried and tested machine, turning a Toyota Land Cruiser into an SUV is no small feat. According to Motor1, this modified variant features some major chassis upgrades. For starters, the wheelbase has been lengthened considerably.

Aside from the additional wheels, this truck got a chassis brace kit, adjustable lower control arms, a floating axle kit, heavy-duty differential housing, and an adjustable rear sway bar, to name a few.

The powertrain also gets some upgrades with a new brake booster, clutch upgrade, a power chip module, and even a lengthened exhaust.

Given all of the additional components onboard and the level of finishing, it is safe to say that this off-roader is far from cheap.

How much does this Toyota Land Cruiser cost?

An image of a Toyota Land Cruiser 6x6 parked outside in Australia.
Toyota Land Cruiser 6×6 |

This Toyota Land Cruiser Couldn’t Shake the Land Rover Defender

In the U.S., the Toyota Land Cruiser is quite expensive, starting at $85,665. In Australia, however, the J70 starts around $52,000 in its cheapest configuration. However, if an off-roading truck with six wheels is on your wish list, be prepared to pay around $150,000.

Factoring in the donor truck’s cost, parts, labor, and finishing, this price isn’t quite as ludicrous as it might seem at first glance. Additionally, you get the added benefit that this truck will likely last forever.