Here’s What Makes Land Cruisers So Reliable

Land Cruisers are known for their unique styling and high price tag, their new 2020 model starting at $85,415. When you are spending that much money on an SUV, you expect good quality material and reliability, and the Land Cruiser offers both.

Designed to last

You may not have heard of the phrase “planned obsolescence” but it’s not as uncommon in the car industry as you may think. Planned obsolescence occurs in the automotive field when manufacturers design certain aspects of a car to break or fail, which might sound immoral. That isn’t the case with Land Cruisers, however, as they were truly built to last.

Toyota put the Land Cruiser into production in 1951 and has consistently proven to be dependable year after year. For these cars, a thicker grade of metal is used on most of the exterior parts. They withstand harsh conditions because they are designed to be an off-road friendly vehicle.

Land cruiser
2020 Toyota Land Cruiser

Throughout its production history, Toyota has made these SUVs in smaller batches as opposed to mass production that requires parts to be on-hand at all times, usually well ahead of time. Because of this, any problems in product quality can be addressed almost immediately and each group of Cruisers can be changed slightly from the previous to resolve any major issues.

Even used Land Cruisers are great

Another important note when it comes to Land Cruisers is that they lose their value very quickly. This is a pretty big downside for many new-car owners who pay a premium for them fresh off the market, but it is beneficial if you’re looking to buy one used. Land Cruisers aren’t uncommon in the used-car market and you can rest assured in knowing they are as reliable as when they were right off the dealership lot.

land cruiser
Land Cruiser | On the beach

Land Cruisers can add hundreds of miles and still maintain their mechanical integrity, only requiring general maintenance over the years and typically not needing any major repairs. Bonus, you can buy them for a significantly more chewable price after a few years and miles. Many owners were surprised to report that their Land Cruisers lasted hundreds of thousands of miles, reporting some unthinkable high numbers well over the usual 200,000 miles you expect a reliable car to last.

These cars are also a great option because they are, at their inception, a Toyota, which means they don’t have high maintenance costs you should expect to pay yearly. This also means that you don’t need a specialized mechanic to work on the Land Cruiser. Most of the parts are easy and inexpensive to source, and on the off chance, something does go wrong with your Land Cruiser it usually won’t be expensive to fix.

The Toyota Land Cruiser might have an inexpensive starting price tag to buy new, but they are truly designed to last. Buying them used at a fraction of the sticker price also lacks the stress of buying something off the Audi lineup, because of the Land Cruiser is a truly reliable car, and we have the Toyota manufacturing practices to thank for that.