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Depending on where you live, it can be exceptionally difficult to find good deals on used cars. SUVs and trucks are currently the most popular segments in the U.S., so you’ll often see these cars sold at higher prices. In some cases, used SUVs can be over 40% more expensive compared to newer models.

However, in states with more temperate climates, sedans and sports cars are still in high demand. The Honda Civic and Toyota Camry still managed to outsell most trucks and SUVs last year. However, a recent study indicates that some drivers may have finally grown tired of these cars.

The Toyota Camry is one of the Toyota models with cheap insurance costs to boast, just like the Highlander.
Toyota Camry | Toyota

According to iSeeCars, the Honda Civic was the most popular passenger car sold this year. It was also the 4th best-selling used car of 2021, accounting for 2% of that year’s sales. It might not seem like much, but keep in mind that iSeeCars analyzes over 9.8 million cars sold to get those percentages. 

In some areas, like California, the Honda Civic is even more popular. 3.5% of the used cars sold in this state were Civic models. The Honda Civic even accounted for nearly 4% of the used vehicles sold in Los Angeles last year.

The Honda Civic was also the best-selling used car in Oregon and the city of Columbus in Ohio. However, despite its appeal, its overall sales dropped from 2% to 1.8% compared to last year.

The Toyota Camry’s sales also dipped in 2022

In 2021, the Toyota Camry accounted for 1.9% of the used car sales for this study. That percentage dropped to 1.7% last year, but the Toyota Camry was still quite popular in certain cities.

Throughout West Palm Beach and Ft. Pierce in Florida, Toyota Camry models made up 2.5% of used car sales. 2% of used car shoppers in Las Vegas ended up choosing a Toyota Camry this year. 2.4% of the used cars sold in Maryland were Camry models, making it the most popular car in that state.

Are the cars themselves to blame?

While this study examined millions of used cars, all of them were only between 1-5 years old. Even before its redesign for the 2022 model year, the Honda Civic’s engine lineup garnered positive reception from consumers and critics. 

The optional turbocharged engine is even more powerful on the 2022 Civic, generating 180 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. The base trims get a 158 four-cylinder under the hood, but both engines come with a CVT.

 If you get a hatchback Civic, you can opt for a six-speed manual transmission. The Civic EX sedan is currently the most efficient model, earning an estimated 33/42 mpg city/highway.

The newest Honda Civic models also include wireless smartphone integration on the base trims. The Toyota Camry received Apple CarPlay support for the 2019 model year, followed by Android Auto one year later. The 2020 models were also the first ones to have optional AWD, while the Civic is still FWD-only.

The Toyota Camry also has two good powertrain options, including a 301-hp V6 for the track-oriented TRD trim. The Honda Civic Type R hatchback, the Camry TRD’s direct competitor, has a 306-hp turbo-four under its hood. 

iSeeCars also clarifies that price had no impact on any given car’s popularity. In certain states, drivers are more than willing to pay close to $30,000 for a used Camry. As seen in Montana, the average used Honda Civic is over $27,000.

It’s clear that many drivers love both of these cars thanks to their performance capabilities, fuel efficiency, and overall value. However, potential owners are sometimes forced to settle for a less popular car if it’s at a more affordable price point.

The Honda Civic and Toyota Camry are still segment leaders, which should be applauded given all the current supply chain issues and inflation. 


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