Top 7 Worst-Selling Pickup Trucks In 2022

Yes, every year there are winners and losers when it comes to production numbers. For various reasons, some trucks just don’t see big sales. Chip shortages, EV startup funds lagging, and model changeovers, can all have an effect on pickup truck sales. So let’s look at the bottom seven trucks in terms of numbers, and why they’re the worst-selling trucks in 2022.


Lordstown Motors Endurance EV pickup | Lordstown
  1. Lordstown Endurance: 31

Lordstown almost doesn’t belong on this list with sales of only 31 trucks. But is taking so long to get into production, and its financial situation is precarious, this might be its only shot at making any list at all. It had estimated it could produce 50 by the end of 2022, but that wasn’t to be. What’s worse is that of those 31 sales, 14 owners got recall notices. 


2023 Rivian R1T EV pickup | Rivian
  1. Rivian R1T: 9,900

While not a great showing based on earlier estimates of sales, at least Rivian didn’t end up with the fewest trucks sold. These EV startups have a difficult time ramping up production. This does not bode well for others about ready to launch like Fisker. Still, living in South Orange County, and seeing so many, in talking with owners, they seem more than happy with their truck purchase.


2023 Nissan Titan
2023 Nissan Titan full-size pickup | Nissan
  1. Nissan Titan: 15,064

Nissan is no startup, and the Titan brand is decades old. With Nissan cutting many Titan options, and not freshening it at a faster pace, fewer sales are a result. Rumors that it’s staying in production, or discontinuing production, also make it a tough choice for truck buyers


GMC Canyon
2023 GMC Canyon midsize truck | GM
  1. GMC Canyon: 27,821

When it comes to midsize pickup trucks, the GMC Canyon sells fewer than the rest. And this is a hot market, so one would expect better from Chevrolet Colorado’s first cousin. 2023 may fare better with the refresh. It also gives it a headstart before the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger hit the showrooms. 


Santa Cruz
2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz | Hyundai
  1. Hyundai Santa Cruz: 36,480

We were expecting better from Hyundai’s car/truck Santa Cruz, but those are not terrible numbers. And this unibody pickup segment is just getting hotter, which will only increase interest in the Santa Cruz. So the expectation is that it should beat these numbers handily for 2023.


2023 Ridgeline
2023 Honda Ridgeline unibody pickup | Honda
  1. Honda Ridgeline: 42,762

The original unibody pickup has been around in its current state for a few years, so momentum has slowed down a bit. But Honda is hip to the segment’s significance, and a new Ridgeline is expected (along with sibling Passport SUV) with more aggressive styling in 2024. However, the current Honda pickup is still a great choice for many.


2023 Ranger
2023 Ford Ranger pickup | Ford

No One Wants to Buy These Worst-Selling Pickup Trucks

  1. Ford Ranger: 56,987

While you wouldn’t expect the Ford Ranger to be this low, keep in mind that it has been available here since 2019. So this is its fifth year with little changes. But also know that this truck has been available in other parts of the world since 2011, so this is a pickup that is in need of a redesign, which we’ll be seeing before the end of 2023.