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Not everyone names their cars; it’s not a requirement for you to love your car. However, many vehicle owners choose to name their cars, especially cars with personalities. One such vehicle is the venerable Ford Mustang, a sports car that Ford has produced for nearly 60 years. Don’t fret if you can’t think of a name for your Mustang; here’s some car name motivation to help you name your pony car

What are some cool names for a car?

Here are 10 of the many popular names for a Ford Mustang: 

  • Black Beauty
  • Thunder
  • The Beast
  • Big Bertha
  • Sally
  • Aurora
  • Rocket
  • Ebony
  • Sterling
  • The Godfather

Many cool nicknames for a car will draw inspiration from nature, destructive forces, deities, or powerful people. The reasoning for choosing a name is evident, as a Ford Mustang could be anything from an underpowered top-down cruiser to a supercharged track-day weapon like the GT500

A new Ford Mustang EcoBoost like this silver concept deserves a strong car name.
New Ford Mustang EcoBoost | Ford

Furthermore, many industry model names and nicknames involve animals like Mustang, Cobra, Pantera, and Cougar. You could work an animal name into your vehicle’s nickname or stick with a person’s name that captures your car’s personality, quirks, and performance. For instance, you could name your Mustang “McQueen” after the Bullitt actor and car-guy Steve McQueen.

How should I name my car?

Naming your car is a process, and you should take account of your car’s quirks, color, age, and even exhaust notes when you name it. For instance, in the same way that many British pubs use a color and an animal to derive a moniker, your Ford Mustang could, too. For example, an alliterative name like “Crimson Cobra” could describe a red Fox Body Mustang Cobra. 

Furthermore, adding humor to the naming process is an excellent way to bond with your Ford Mustang. For instance, naming your Cobra “Slowbra” could be a cheeky way to name your car without putting pressure on finding an aggressive (even cliche) name for your Mustang. 

Moreover, if your Ford Mustang has an exhaust system or sounds thunderous, you could name it after a famous musician. For instance, the name “Ella” after Ella Fitzgerald is a good way to draw attention to your musical V8 Mustang’s pipes. 

A 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt, whose car name is Ella, poses for a picture in a park.
2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt | Erik Sherman, MotorBiscuit

What is the nickname for a Ford Mustang?

Ford Mustangs have had several nicknames over the years. The term that many fans associate with the Ford Mustang and comparable small muscle cars is “Pony Car.” However, many special editions have gone by other names like Bullitt, Cobra, and now Dark Horse. Of course, whatever you choose to call your Mustang is your business, and you should call it whatever you want. 

What are Mustang cars named after?

Contrary to the famous badge, the Ford Mustang isn’t named after a horse. Instead, Ford derived the moniker from the North American P51-Mustang fighter aircraft of the second world war. So if you feel inclined, you could name your Mustang after a famous P-51, like “Gunfighter.”

Do you name your cars? If you do, how did you name your last vehicle? Tell us in the comments below!


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