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A TikTok creator and alleged “rich man” is posting content that’s not only self-incriminating but just downright appalling. Luke Desmaris, who goes by the TikTok handle mrlukedes, has been parking his Mercedes G-Wagon around town in spots dedicated to the disabled.

While this is clearly a PR stunt on Luke’s part, it’s super cringe. Luke is a self-described “highly credible expert trader” who, at under 30 years old, offers “life-changing” courses and consulting on stock trading.

In one TikTok, embedded below, Luke is explaining to someone filming why he parks in zones reserved for handicapped drivers.

Two handicapped parking spots with blue handicapped parking signs in front of a building parking lot
Parking spots for disabled drivers | DrewTraveler via iStock

“I’m a very quick person. And I need to be close to the shop to save time. Time is money. Within the two minutes I’m in the shop, a hundred disabled people aren’t just going to show up. That’s why I’m parking in the disabled bay.”


Rich man using disabled bay

♬ original sound – Luke Des

In another TikTok, Luke is even more brazen.

The video is captioned, “To broke people this is a parking fine but to rich people it’s just paying a tiny VIP parking fee to park anywhere we want.”


I’ll take that tiny fee to park anywhere thanks ? VIP parking for us rich people

♬ AirplaneMode – BONES

In the UK, parking in a disabled bay, or handicapped spot, without a blue badge will incur a £100 or less ticket. The fee is often reduced if paid within two weeks. Some folks feel the fine should be increased.

Flexed reported Graham Footer, Chief Executive at Disabled Motoring UK, reflecting on people abusing these zones. “Disabled parking space abuse is rife across the UK and the problem is getting worse. Some disabled drivers are forced to give up on a shopping trip and go home when they are unable to find suitable parking.”