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When you are shopping for a new sedan in 2022, you will want something that is plenty comfortable. Finding a new comfortable sedan seems like a tall task, but thanks to Toyota and Lexus its never been easier. Luckily, there are a few great new sedans to consider, and each is ready to impress.

2022 Toyota Corolla

For shoppers looking for a small sedan, the new 2022 Toyota Corolla is one of the finest. One of the big reasons that this compact sedan is comfortable is the interior is surprisingly spacious. The new 2022 Toyota Corolla can offer you supportive seating that will keep you quite comfortable. More importantly, the front seats provide 42 inches of legroom, and rear-seat passengers will enjoy nearly 35-inches of legroom. 

This sedan can also come with dual-zone climate control and heated front seats for added comfort.

2022 Toyota Camry

a 2022 toyota camry, a stylish and modern new sedan
2022 Toyota Camry | Toyota

When it comes to new midsize sedans, few models are as popular as a new 2022 Toyota Camry. The new 2022 Toyota Camry comes in a selection of different trim levels helping you get what you want. When you dig into what one of these midsize sedans can offer, you will love how comfortable it can be. The seats are remarkably comfortable, can be covered in various materials. They can offer you up to 42-inches of legroom in the front. In the rear, passengers can enjoy 38-inches of legroom. CarFax notes that this is a practical and reliable sedan. 

Furthermore, this midsize sedan can bring you dual-zone climate controls with rear-seat vents, heated front seats, and a heated steering wheel.

2022 Lexus ES

If you have been looking for a new 2022 sedan but want outstanding luxury, consider a new 2022 Lexus ES. One of the big reasons drivers will flock to this luxurious Lexus is that this sedan can bring you the comfort you want. The seating is incredibly soft and supportive and can come covered in plush leather. This sedan is plenty spacious. The front seats bring you close to 43-inches of legroom and 39-inches of legroom in the rear.

Additional features that make this sedan so comfortable include heated and ventilated front seating, a heated steering wheel, a power rear sunshade, and many other features.

A comfortable sedan is easier to find

a 2022 toyota corolla apex, a sporty take on the comfortable sedan
2022 Toyota Corolla Apex | Toyota

Drivers will love being able to shop for a sedan that can bring you top-notch comfort. Whether you are looking for a well-rounded small sedan or need something with a bit more space, one of these models can stand out. These unique and comfortable sedans are ready to tackle more adventures and keep you satisfied.

One of the main reasons more drivers consider these different new 2022 sedans is the refinement they offer. These sedans can last for many years, and when compared to the competition, they can provide you with the best features around.

What other models are available?

While these three models are top choices, several other models are to consider. You aren’t confined to just three models because you can also consider shopping for models like the Honda Accord or Hyundai Sonata. These two models are also top-rated and will also be ready to offer you advanced features and technology.

Choose your next new 2022 comfortable sedan today

a silver lexus es drives along a canyon road showing off its comfortable suspension
2022 Lexus ES | Lexus

Shopping for a new 2022 sedan that is quite comfortable will be a whole lot easier if you consider the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, and Lexus ES. These three models are among the top choices for all drivers. Thanks to everything they can offer, more drivers will love what these three models can do. 


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