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Car buyers who like to drive their new vehicle for a long time worry about many things. One of those is value retention. How much money will your new SUV, car, or truck bring in when you eventually try to trade it or sell it? Unfortunately, some models depreciate so quickly you’re lucky to get anything after driving for a few years. However, others hold their value so well it’s sometimes surprising how much a dealer or another buyer will pay for a five or more years old car. Shoppers concerned about their new model holding its value should check out one of these midsize SUVs with the best value retention.

3. Toyota Highlander holds value long term

The Safest SUVs with 3 Rows include the Toyota Highlander
The 2022 Toyota Highlander SUV | Toyota

First, according to iSeeCars, the Toyota Highlander has the third-highest value retention score of any midsize SUV. In addition, the publication named it the number one vehicle in its class overall. The two go hand-in-hand, as value retention is just another fantastic score for the Toyota model. For example, iSC gave it an 8.5/10 for reliability and a perfect 10/10 concerning safety. However, its value retention score is slightly lower, just 8.2/10.

While lower than its other categories, the value retention is still excellent for the Highlander. It’s the third-best model in its class but excels elsewhere more than those alternatives. In addition to best midsize SUV for 2022, iSeeCars named it the best overall crossover SUV, the safest crossover SUV, and the safest SUV with three rows. Safety, reliability, quality, and value retention? No wonder the 2022 Toyota Highlander is at the top of nearly every reviewer’s rankings for its class.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee L, but not the Grand Cherokee

2023 Jeep SUVs: Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, and more
2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee models | Stellantis

Next is the new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L. Unfortunately, iSeeCars didn’t rank it overall yet, so it’s standing in the midsize SUV category isn’t available yet. However, the value retention score is 8.5/10, making it the second-best model on the list. Additionally, it received a 9.5/10 safety score, which isn’t perfect but still beats many other models in this category.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L isn’t as outstanding in other categories. iSC’s rankings have it in 15th for safest SUVs with three rows, 16th for safest midsize SUVs, and 21st for best gas mileage SUVs with three rows. Additionally, the value retention piece is only true for the Grand Cherokee L, which is the version with a longer wheelbase. The standard Grand Cherokee is ranked eighth overall but received just a 7.7/10 score for retaining value.

1. Toyota 4Runner holds its value the most

Lastly, after years of driving, you’ll make the most money back from a Toyota 4Runner. For the top three midsize SUVs in this category, we aren’t surprised two are Toyota models. Toyota is an automaker well-known for crafting reliable, long-lasting, value-retaining vehicles in its lineup. Speaking of reliability, the third-best overall midsize SUV is also ranked first for reliability in this class.

For retaining value, iSeeCars gave it a 9.0/10, which is easily the highest score. Unfortunately, the 4Runner isn’t quite as safe as its Highlander brother. This model received just an 8/10 for safety but an 8.8/10 for reliability. As a result, the off-road SUV beast is an excellent choice for buyers not concerned about fuel economy but who want better safety, reliability, and value retention than nearly every other model in the midsize SUV segment.

Best value retention

In conclusion, value retention is essential when purchasing a vehicle. Knowing that your newly chosen model will still be worth something down the line is comforting. Unfortunately, most midsize SUVs are worth less and less every year, even right after driving off the dealer lot. However, the Toyota Highlander, Jeep Grand Cherokee L, and Toyota 4Runner depreciate more slowly than any other midsize SUV. Choose one of these models if you want to get more for your trade or sale when it’s time to move on.