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Nissan is debuting what it says is the template for its future EV SUVs. The Japanese automaker calls it Hyper Adventure, and while it features several unique innovations, its purpose is signaling Nissan’s SUV design direction moving forward. The highly sculpted body is a departure from most other designs in several ways. 

Nissan is going all-in on flat panels with sharp bends blending with quarter panels that transition away from the body core. We’ve seen this general design direction for the Hyper Urban concept we covered last week. In all, Nissan will reveal five different EV designs over the coming weeks, exploring various design directions, with the Hyper Urban being the first and the Hyper Adventure the latest.

Is the Nissan Hyper Adventure design aerodynamic?

Nissan Hyper Adventure concept rear 3/4 view
Nissan Hyper Adventure concept | Nissan

Both designs place a hard-edged emphasis on the wheel openings. They become the focal point for the entire design. Also, both designs have similar faces.

The transition from the fascia to the body sides is an angular bend that sweeps around the front wheel openings. Under the slim headlights, there is a severe undercut that immediately juts out, becoming a prow. It is a design element, but it also serves a purpose—vents inside of the prow direct air under the hood and then up the windshield to improve aerodynamics. 

What are the rear steps of the Nissan Hyper Adventure for??

Nissan Hyper Adventure concept with doors open
Nissan Hyper Adventure concept | Nissan

Then, it transitions back before angling out to meet the air intake below. At the extreme ends are sci-fi monster-like intakes, or are they just design elements? Whatever they are, they also show up at the rear.

Though we have few details for the drivetrain, Nissan says the battery will be large enough to power a house and channel excess electricity to the grid. It features Nissan’s e-4orce all-wheel drive system, according to Automotive News

The windshield extends below the hood centerline to become a sweeping screen. So, the two tie together almost seamlessly. At the rear is a bench seat that flips down but also rotates 180 degrees. Facing out of the liftgate, it also features retractable steps, which Nissan says is for things like putting on snow skis at the top of a snowy slope. 

Does the hard-edge design carry into the cabin?

Nissan Hyper Urban concept with city background
Nissan Hyper Urban concept | Nissan

Nissan Hyper Urban Concept Signals Next SUV Blitz

The hard angle theme extends to the seats with an overall theme of clean, simple design for the future. Only the ambient lightbar breaks up the front and rear doors. And those rear doors fold up into the roof for a pillarless opening with the front doors open. Cargo space is said to be ample, though no specs are given. 

In all, the Hyper Adventure SUV and Hyper Urban designs help to put the design pieces together for a clearer view of where Nissan is going with its next SUVs. Of course, these designs are severe in some respects and will get calmed down heading to production. Still, they offer an exciting future look for Nissan.