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Sometimes a vehicle comes out that’s so niche that it’s hard to imagine who the target market is. The Liberty Walk Ferrari “F40 kit for the “LB40” kit that transforms an Autozam AZ-1 into a mini Ferrari F40 is just such a car. But I’ll be honest, this Kei-car sized supercar is just my kind of weird.

First off, what the JDM is an Autozam? You can think of this now-extinct brand as the Acura of Mazda’s portfolio. When Mazda released a Kei-car-sized mid-engine sports car, it badged it as the Autozam AZ-1.

Side view of a white, mid-engine Mazda sports car.
Modified Autozam AZ-1 | Liberty Works

The AZ-1 had a turbocharged 657 cc Suzuki engine and five-speed manual transmission. It only made 63 horsepower and 63 lb-ft of torque. But the entire thing only weighed 1,500 pounds. And it was built to handle flawlessly.

Mazda began building the Autozam in 1992. But by 1994, it had only sold 4,392 so it canceled the model. Since then, they have achieved a sort of cult status among sports car fans. And more than a few have been imported to the U.S.

Rear view of a mid-engine Mazda sports car
Modified Autozam AZ-1 | Liberty Works

Liberty Walk is a custom car shop in Japan. It builds one-offs and offers body kits for everything from the Fiat 500 to Lamborghinis. But its latest project may be its zaniest yet: The LB-WORKS LB40 AZ-1. This kit includes a wing, rear bumper, rear diffuser, side skirts, door panels, and front cowl. It completely transforms the AZ-1 into a tiny little Ferrari F40. But before you click buy, know that those European-style recessed headlights and the forged rims are sold separately.

So who is this kit even for? I’ll be honest, I expect most Ferrari collection owners take themselves far too seriously to be seen in this tiny thing. And the Autozam drivers I’ve met take pride in their car’s approachable quirkiness.

I for one dig the vehicle Liberty Walk created. I’d proudly take it for a spin any day. So I took to twitter to see if anyone out there shares my taste:

Raúl said, “It looks cute and cool at the same time.” Galex made a good point, “Don’t mind the front but the back of the F40 kit kinda looks ‘kit car-ish.’ And Joachima Rayos cleverly renamed it: “Liking the Ferrari F0.40.”

But not everyone was a fan, Porsche Pundit said, “The original design is great, why turn it into a cheap Ferrari knockoff?”

What do you think? Feel free to click on the Twitter embed above and leave a comment.

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