This Tesla Buyer Ditched the Model Y for a Volkswagen Golf GTI After Only 1 Month

Have you ever ventured away from your usual order at your favorite restaurant, to try something new that someone recommended? Then this new dish arrives, and it’s not at all satisfying, so you return it and reorder your usual entree. Imagine this same scenario only instead of sampling alfredo, and you stepped outside your comfort zone to buy a new car. Only, once you took ownership, you realized it just wasn’t all the hype.

Even one auto enthusiast shared his story of buyer’s remorse in a Reddit thread. Sold on the popularity of the Tesla Model Y, he veered away from his traditional gas-powered engines for the new EV. However, he ditched his Tesla Model Y after owning it for only a month. And this happy ending is how he found joy behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Golf GTI instead.

Tesla continues to prove successful across the board

Tesla may be one of the most revolutionary automakers of all time. The enhancements behind the electrification of vehicles and the over-the-air updates and in-car tech have Tesla owners leaps ahead of other cars on the market. While other manufacturers focus on performance, Tesla engineers hone in on developing a comprehensive driver experience. It’s that connection that continues to attract new buyers. Of course, people love Tesla as a brand because of its status as environmentally sound and prestigious price points.

The tech-based setbacks that many Tesla owners don’t like

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Why You Should Hold Off on Buying a Tesla Model Y

Quality issues, especially with new vehicle introductions, aren’t all that uncommon. And the Tesla Model Y is certainly not exempt. With plenty of reports of deficiencies, this has deterred buyers from delivery or using the seven-day return policy. There are increased complaints of paint and trim issues, as well as loose seatbelts. Consumers also have concerns about back seats not fastening properly and indentations in the seats altogether.

The Tesla buyer who only drove his Model Y for a month

One Tesla Model Y buyer shared his experience on Reddit. He considered himself a longtime gear head and lists several of the various performance rides that he’s owned over the years, including sports cars, pickup trucks, and recently, SUVs. What he loved about his Model Y, which he took delivery of on June 30, was its performance. He said the acceleration was “face-melting,” and gave the Tesla props for being smooth and quiet to drive. But the accolades end there.Right away, this Tesla buyer began to experience disappointments with his Model Y. 

His model had panel gaps and paint problems, like many other buyers before him. This buyer said he almost immediately felt like he bought an economy car with a super expensive battery pack. Opening the glove box was problematic, and the touchscreen was finicky. Sometimes the car wouldn’t unlock unless he first unlocked his phone, which was incredibly frustrating. Within his first month of ownership, he encountered enough problems and felt fed up with his purchase. And the after-sale support from Tesla, according to this Model Y buyer, was “atrocious.”

Why this buyer opted for the Volkswagen Golf GTI

Despite the fun-to-drive nature of the Tesla Model Y, this Reddit commenter said he set out to find something fun and practical, without all the quality problems. After ditching his Model Y, he settled on the Volkswagen Golf GTI and hasn’t looked back. He found a 2016 CPO Golf R hatchback with 18,000 miles built for his city life. He goes on to share how fun it is to drive the Golf. And as a bonus, his glove box worked fine, his regular door handles were reliable, and the traditional key fob easy. And this former Tesla owner continues to find reasons to love the Golf GTI.

The Tesla Model Y is still popular, and many buyers have had positive experiences with their electric rides. But as with many vehicles, quality issues often present, and for one buyer, it was enough to drive him away and into the driver’s seat of a Volkswagen Golf instead.