This Porsche Taycan Carbon Fiber Kit Costs a Cool $15K

German automaker Porsche, which makes best-selling sports cars, produces a myriad of elegant models. The new and exciting Taycan EV is arguably the most beautiful in terms of styling. So why would anyone want to mess with aesthetic perfection?  

Well, there’s one upgrade that takes the Taycan’s body design up a notch. That’s right — carbon fiber. And it comes courtesy of a little-known Norwegian manufacturer, Zyrus Engineering. This carbon-fiber kit gives the Taycan a somehow sleeker feel. 

Let’s take a look at the Tacan EV and the mod kit.

The Porsche Taycan at a glance

Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan, boasts the same iconic styling as other cars in the automaker’s lineup. In fact, the Taycan has been hailed one of the best-looking cars in Porsche’s lineup, CarBuzz says. And the price for this beauty? Over $103,000

Under the Tacan’s hood lurks scorching power ranging from 429 hp to 750 hp, depending on powertrain and trim level. With its 750-hp motor producing 774 lb-ft of torque, the Turbo S roars to 60 mph in a sizzling 2.6 seconds. 

Tricking out the Taycan

If you’re a Porsche purist, the Taycan’s factory parts will suffice. After all, it’s hard to improve upon something that’s already supremely alluring. But some folks want something to make their ride stand out from the pack. That’s where Zyrus and its carbon fiber come in.

The company designed its Taycan mod to add some sportiness without straying too far from the iconic Porsche look. The new carbon-fiber body kit comes with a rear diffuser, side intake trims, front air dam trimmings, a front lip spoiler-and-bumper combo, and a rear boot fin spoiler. 

The parts mount on existing OEM points, so they look like they came with the Taycan when you purchased it. You can also choose between matte or gloss carbon fiber. The complete kit costs about $15,000. A rear wing sells separately for a little over $2,000. 

Zyrus and its cool carbon fiber


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Zyrus Engineering is a small-scale car manufacturer based in Norway. The team’s automotive experience comes from racing Lamborghinis in one of the most extreme racing series in Europe. They understand racing and the intricacies of these exotic sports cars. 

According to Zyrus, when the pandemic hit Europe, the team had to cancel some of its projects. So when they received a request to develop carbon-fiber parts for a Porsche Taycan owner in Norway, they jumped at the chance. 

The Taycan’s owner wanted to enhance its already elegant appearance, so the Zyrus team accepted the challenge. After three months of prototyping, they created the carbon-fiber kit you can buy today. 

The team also recently finished another exciting project. Last month, they released the $732,000 Zyrus LP1200 Strada, based on a Lamborghini Huracán.

So, what do you think about Zyrus’s Porsche Taycan carbon fiber kit? Is it worth the $15,000 to add pizzazz to an already thrilling EV