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It is very common for a car to get hit by a recall notice, but if a car has been hit by too many recalls, then that’s likely a red flag. Many car shoppers think like that, and it’s a similar story in terms of automakers and how many recalls an automaker has been hit with. Here’s a look at automakers with the most recalls and why that helps explain the continued popularity of Toyota. 

These automakers have been hit by the most recalls so far this year

Carscoops created a list of automakers and the number of recalls that they’ve been hit with this year, and Ford tops the list overall. Ford has been hit by 31 recalls in the first half of 2023, and that’s the most out of any automaker. Those recalls have affected over 4.1 million cars, and that’s also the highest number of cars that’s been recalled so far this year.

Honda, meanwhile, was in second place in terms of how many of its cars have been recalled. Honda has been hit by 11 recalls, which is tied with Volkswagen. Despite the relatively few recalls, over 2.8 million Honda cars were affected by those recalls.

In third place, there’s Chrysler. The automaker was hit by 26 recalls, which puts it in second place in terms of the number of recalls. Those 26 recalls have affected over 1.7 million Chrysler cars, though. 

Nissan was in fourth place, as the automaker had 14 recalls. Those recalls affected just over 1.3 million cars. Many automakers were hit by a lot of recalls this year, including some RV-manufacturers such as Forest River with 18 and Jayco with 13.

However, no other automaker had to recall over a million cars. The closest was Mercedes-Benz as the German luxury automaker had 14 recalls which affected over 330,000 cars. 

Toyota sells many cars and gets hit by few recalls compared to its rivals

What’s interesting is the fact that Toyota was not in the top 12 on Carscoops’ list. Toyota has been hit by recalls this year, but clearly, Toyota’s recalls weren’t on the scale of its major rivals. This is despite the fact that Toyota and Ford are both neck and neck in terms of how many cars each company sells in America.

The fact that Toyota and Ford are selling the same number of cars but Ford has so many recalls compared to Toyota shows just how reliable Toyota continues to be as an automaker. This is a reputation that the Japanese automaker has had for a long time now, but these recall numbers go to reinforce that reputation. 

Toyota isn’t perfect though and here’s a look at some of the company’s recent recalls

Obviously though, Toyota isn’t perfect and the company has a few major recalls every once in a while. One of the Japanese auto giant’s most recent recalls happened to affect one of the company’s newest cars, the Corolla Cross. The small SUV debuted in the 2022 model year, and recently, Toyota issued a recall for roughly 100,000 units of the SUV. That recall had to do with a manufacturing issue with the Corolla Cross’ airbags.

The Corolla Cross was also involved in Toyota’s most recent recall, which it issued on July 12th, 2023. This issue had to do with the car’s spiral cable assembly, and it affected other models as well. Overall, a combined 110,000 units of the 2023 Corolla Cross, the 2023 Corolla, the 2023 Highlander, the 2023 Tacoma, the 2023 Lexus RX, and the 2024 Lexus NX were recalled for this issue.


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