This Is the Only Bugatti You Can Actually Afford

A Bugatti Chiron is a fantastic 1,500-hp hand-built hypercar. However, its near $3 million starting price makes it inaccessible for us mere mortals. Thankfully, today we’re covering a brand-new Bugatti you can actually afford. It’s called the Bugatti Baby II, and it’s the result of a collaboration with The Little Car Company. According to Motor1, it’s powered by electricity, and it’s made out of carbon fiber.

What exactly is a Bugatti Baby II?

An image of the Bugatti Baby II outdoors in California.
Bugatti Baby II | Bugatti

If the photos haven’t given it away, the Bugatti Baby II is no ordinary car. The idea for the Baby II began in the 1920s with company founder Ettore Bugatti. According to Motor1, Ettore created a scaled-down version of his Type 35 racecar for his son Roland’s fourth birthday. Given how many Bugatti customers inquired about it, Ettore put the scaled-down model into production as the Type 52 “Baby” in 1927. Between 1927 and 1936, only 500 examples were ever built, says Motor1. To celebrate Bugatti’s 110th birthday, the French carmaker teamed up with The Little Car Company to produce 500 more examples.

The Bugatti Baby II benefits from major improvements over the original Type 52. For starters, this new model is a 75 percent scale of the famous Type 35. The result is that even large adults can now comfortably drive it. To retain the original look and feel of the original car, Bugatti 3D-scanned an original Lyon GP car to replicate its suspension geometry, says Motor1. To add a modern touch, this new model now features adjustable dampers.

In terms of the interior, the Baby II follows the Type 35’s layout religiously. The signature four-spoke steering wheel remains, albeit with a quick-release design. Buyers also receive billet aluminum pedals, an aluminum dashboard, and a leather-wrapped interior.

It’s an all-electric Bugatti

An image of the Bugatti Baby II outdoors in California.
Bugatti Baby II | Bugatti

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Despite being developed in the 1920s, the original Bugatti Type 52 Baby is an electric vehicle. That’s because a single 12-volt electric motor generates enough power to move the tiny car around. Mechanical brakes and a semi-elliptical spring suspension were also on board, says Motor1.

In that regard, the all-new Bugatti Baby II doesn’t stray too far from the original. That’s because Motor1 reports that a 1.4-kWh battery pack with various driving modes is the base powertrain for the new model. In the Novice mode, the Baby II tops out at 12 mph, while Expert mode allows for up to 30 mph speeds. The estimated electrical range is about 15 miles.

Like with any Bugatti, you can upgrade if you want more power. That’s because a larger 2.8 kWh battery pack is available. Aside from doubling the electric range, Motor1 reports that the larger battery pack allows for up to 42 mph speeds. Bugatti’s nice touch is the inclusion of a “speed key” like you’d find in a Chiron, which unlocks the Baby II’s full potential.

You can buy a Baby II for $36,600

An image of the Bugatti Baby II outdoors in California.
Bugatti Baby II | Bugatti

Aside from being physically smaller, the Bugatti Baby II also carries a scaled-down price tag. The Base entry-level trim starts at $36,600, according to Motor1. For similar money to a Kia Telluride, you get the base powertrain, a black leather interior, and a French Racing Blue exterior color.

From there, we’ve got the Vitesse for $53,000. Besides getting the more powerful powertrain option, the Vitesse receives a body made out of carbon fiber and more available exterior colors.

If you feel extra generous and want the absolute best Bugatti Baby II possible, you’ll want the Pur Sang for $71,400. That’s because the Pur Sang features a handmade aluminum body. The Baby II reportedly crafted using traditional coach-building techniques, says Motor1. Each one takes at least 200 hours to produce.

As you’d expect from what is essentially an expensive toy, it isn’t street legal. However, if you have enough space to make use of it, the Bugatti Baby II is an unusually fun way to spend up to $71,400.