This is the Most Anticipated Car of 2020

Every year, people in the automotive world and fans all over the world get excited about the most anticipated car debuts. For 2020, though, the most anticipated, most talked-about car is one that we’ve seen before and can’t wait to see again.

The most anticipated 2020 car debut

Ford Motor Company vice president of design J Mays introduces the new Ford Bronco concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show
An older Ford Bronco concept that’ll be refreshed for 2020 | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

The experts at recently used data and Google Trends to find out which vehicles people are talking about most on the internet in every state. After all, what’s trending is what people are most interested in. While the stats show that there is plenty of anticipation for 2020’s impressive car debuts, one vehicle in particular tops the trends.

According to Motor1, the Ford Bronco is “the top trending automotive topic in 19 states,” garnering the biggest attention in more states than any other 2020 car. What’s more interesting is that the Ford Bronco is the “premier auto-related trend on Google among the entire central U.S. and much of the Midwest.” It also earned a top spot as a trending topic in Maine, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

Everything you need to know about the Ford Bronco

The new Ford Bronco has been a long time coming, and its debut is creeping closer. Becoming one of the most popular vehicle revivals in automotive history, anticipation continues to grow as its debut nears closer. The Bronco first made its mark back in 1966, and it’s easily one of the brand’s most popular family and adventuring vehicles to date. With the Ford Bronco reemerging into today’s SUV segment, Ford says it will be “strapped with thrilling power and go-anywhere capability, uniquely equipped to carry true adventure seekers deep into the wild and untamed places their souls long to be.”

The 2021 Ford Bronco is set to make its world premiere in the spring of 2020 – most likely at the 2020 New York Motor Show. However, the new Bronco won’t be available in showrooms and at dealerships until late 2020.

According to CarBuzz, the newest Ford Bronco will be tougher than ever before, with a body-on-frame chassis design and the option of two or four doors. Word has it that the Bronco’s top will be removable and that some of its airbags will be repackable, according to Road and Track. Its powertrain will likely be shared with the Ford Ranger, using a V6 engine that will make 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque.

Looking to compete with Jeep on more levels than with just the Wrangler, Ford may also be considering giving the Ford Bronco a truck bed. The truck version of the Bronco is expected to make its arrival around 2024. But that isn’t all, with Ford planning on producing the Bronco with a variety of powertrains, configurations, sizing, and racing capabilities.

Other 2020 cars to get excited over

The research done by found that the revived, brand-new Ford Bronco isn’t the only car people are excited for in 2020. In fact, the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray came in as the internet’s second-most popular trend, dominating popularity in southern American states and winning over 13 states total. But people in the U.S. are also talking about the 2020 debut of the Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model Y, Land Rover Defender, and Rivian R1T. It also appears that people in Idaho are the only ones talking about the Ford Mustang Mach-E debut most.

According to USA Today, Google Trends doesn’t know it all, as there are many 2020 car debuts worth talking about. Truly a year of new and improved electric cars, the automotive world is also excited to get its hands on the new Volkswagen ID Crozz. Also hitting the streets this year will be the new Lincoln Corsair, improved Chevy Suburban and Tahoe models, and, quite possibly, a revived Ram Dakota.