This Houseboat Is Basically a Floating RV

We’ve all heard of camping on land or at parks. But do you know you can camp on water? It’s now a thing, and the company Daigno helped make it happen with its unique houseboats like campers on water. 

Anchoring these homes on the water is a lot like leaving your RV at a campsite, except you’re not parking on soil but a lake. Who makes these creations, and what can you expect from them?

Unique houseboats

Daigno offers more than just fishing boats and pontoons. It essentially makes a tiny home that floats on the water using the same structure as a boat. It’s like having an RV that’s camped on the water instead of land. 

The company’s houseboats are unique in that they’re geared toward nature lovers or fishing enthusiasts who want to spend up to a week on the water. This is especially true during a pandemic when people want to get away on a boat. Unlike houseboats that take groups of people out for a day, these creations let you stay out a week or more.

They’re great for fishing trips with friends, family outings, parties, and vacations spent on the lake. Imagine getting tired after a long day of fishing, but you’re not ready to leave just yet. Pull in your poles and head inside the tiny cottage-like structure to take a nap before going back out for more fishing. 

What is Daigno, and what is its vision?

Daigno is a Canadian-based business that specializes in these houseboat creations. Using highly skilled craftsmanship, the company carefully builds each structure customized to a customer’s wants and needs. 

Using sustainable materials such as laminated and engineered wood, the company reduces its carbon footprint on the environment. Nature lovers appreciate this and other eco-friendly details, such as the use of solar panels, that Daigno incorporates into its houseboats. 

A midsize pickup truck can easily move one of these houseboats from a storage garage to the lake. So you won’t need to rent a heavy vehicle to tow it. 

Available houseboat models


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Daigno houseboats come in three models. One is the popular Koroc V, which consists of a tiny home with a front deck and hammock placed on three pontoons that keep it afloat. As Exploring Alternatives shows, the home has a kitchen area with cabinets, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, and a dining area that doubles as a queen-sized bed. The Koroc V starts at $74,500.

The Koroc P model is similar to the Koroc V but two feet shorter and targeted to fishing enthusiasts. It offers a double bed instead of the queen that comes with the Koroc V. You’ll get a solar panel, storage, USB outlet, and lounging deck in the front with upholstered benches for seating. This model’s base price is $71,000.

The third model is the Equinoxe, the company’s longest and widest houseboat. Measuring 32 feet long and almost 10 feet wide, this model provides maximum stability. It sits on three pontoons that are 30 inches in diameter. It’s powered by a Suzuki outboard engine that produces 250 hp and has a 30-inch shaft. The Equinoxe starts at $103,000.

Each boat comes with a freshwater tank, navigation lights, gas tank, kitchen sink and faucet, refrigerator, and propane stove. Options you can add include a large propane heater, lithium-ion batteries, electric anchor, stereo system, and compost toilet. 

Overall, these eco-friendly houseboats are a great way to relax in nature or fish. They’re like tiny vacation homes on the water.